Tuesday, November 18, 2014


The weeks in which nothing happened.

My oldest spent the last week of October and the first week of November sick.  I joined him for part of that time with an apparent case of strep (I say "apparent" because I was never actually tested for it).  Ugh.  I think the last time I was that sick, I was probably in elementary school, too.

Needless to say, my fitness and dieting habits were completely derailed during this time.  Now, I'm in the midst of "survival mode" for the end of the term, and my good intentions are far from my mind.  Ironically, my illness gave me a "boost" in this area - I lost about 5 pounds while sick and can now fit into my pre-pregnancy jeans.  To ensure that those pounds don't creep back, I'm trying to pay careful attention to what I eat and avoid over-indulging.  I enjoyed a vegetarian dinner this evening - a small step in the right direction, I would say.