Saturday, June 25, 2011

Exercise Plan

Although I wasn't planning on running yet (still spotting lightly), yesterday, my panic was starting to get out of control and so I went on my first run to battle it.  I jogged a very slow mile, but felt IMMENSELY better afterward.  No bad side effects (as in no extra bleeding).  So I think I can safely start working myself into a routine again.

Here is my plan, we'll see how it works:
M,W, F: One mile walk in the morning with kids.  One mile jog in afternoon by myself!
T, TH: Two mile walk with kiddos (did this on Thurs and it was quite nice.  Tired the kids out in a good way).
Weekends:  Play by here.  Exercise if opportunity allows, but take a break if needed too.

We'll let you know next week how I fare!


  1. How do you convince your little kids to come on a mile walk with you? Mine start complaining before we get ten feet! (Unless, of course, THEY want to go somewhere, and I don't at the moment...) ;)

    Also, where do you go for these walks?

  2. We just did a two mile loop around our neighborhood. Nothing special, but it is simple. We take turns being the 'leader' and sing songs to keep things fun.

    The girls got used to walking in Cambridge when we had no car and had to walk to get anywhere (and we lived a mile outside of town). Edmund just gradually accepted that walking was a part of our family's lifestyle as we go on hikes fairly frequently and walk to go lot's of places. So, we battled the attitude a couple years ago in England.

    Also, frankly, there is the added incentive of Wayne. They love to do ANYTHING that involves being near him.