Sunday, June 30, 2013

Remembering that I still have a postpartum body

M- Jillian's yoga meltdown level 2
T- Bob's Pure Strength (60 minute full workout)
W- Nothing
R- Running Club (1.2 miles) Bob's 20 min. workout
F- 10 minute ab video by Prevention 
S- Walk 2 miles with baby Anna
S- Nothing

I have long loved this DVD:
Doing the full 60 minute workout was too much for me. I'm still nursing and carrying my nearly 15lb 2.5 month old around all the time. Next time, I'll try to split it over 2 days. I just got so excited to actually finish such a long workout. My kids were playing nicely and I actually had the time for once.

Running club- we have a little running/walking club in Houston and try to meet every week. We run around a large baseball field with our kids. The field is closed in so that we can control the possible escapees! After 25 laps around the kids earn a running necklace/chain with a little foot that attaches. They keep earning different color feet for every 25 laps they complete. It has been a lot of fun! Last week we brought watermelon to quench our thirst afterwards. It is SO hot here!

Wednesday, June 26, 2013

Last Week

M: Walk/jog combo on treadmill
T: Incline walk on treadmill
W: P90X back & biceps & Ab Ripper X
Th: nada
F: nada
S: Incline walk/jog combo on treadmill
Su: nada

Exercising is becoming a more natural part of my routine.  Also, WW is going well.  I've lost 9 lbs in 3 weeks and haven't felt horribly deprived in the process.  I like this plan because it hasn't required significant changes in my eating habits, which, in the past, have always been difficult to maintain.  I can eat the foods that I like, in moderation of course, and enjoy the benefits of weight loss.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Week 2

M- Jillian's yoga meltdown level 1
T- Jillian's yoga meltdown level 2
W- Shred level 1
R- Jillian's yoga meltdown level 1
F- rest- my arms were killing me
S- Walk 2 miles, YM level 2
S- Walk 1 mile

Still a good week. Trying to figure out how to get the kids more involved, or something that they could do. It is hot and full of mosquitoes outside.

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Yoga Meltdown

Just a quick note :)

Reallly loving level one of this workout! It gives me a good workout without hurting my hips (the whole bursitis thing). I have not ever done traditional yoga. Can I say that? Is there "traditional" yoga? I am pretty sure that Jillian's version is not very authentic, but it fits my style- mostly strength with some cardio. I am not losing any weight, but my arms, back, legs, and core are definitely improving. Feeling stronger has really boosted my morale. :)

Monday, June 17, 2013

Getting into shape after baby!

I am getting back into shape after little Anna Lucille came along :) I am going back to my old favorite (quick and to the point!) 30 day shred. Jillian's yoga meltdown has been something I have wanted to try, so I plan on using that DVD too. No outdoor exercise for now, or I will get eaten alive by mosquitoes or give the baby heat rash. Houston. Summers.

T- Shred level 1
W- walk 1 mile carrying baby
R- Shred level 2
F- Shred level 1, walk 1 mile
S- Began shred level 2... interrupted..
S- Shred level 2, Jillian's yoga meltdown

A good first week! I need to work out to keep my sanity more than anything else :)

Friday, June 14, 2013

Long Time No Post

So the last three weeks are a bit of a blur.  I remember working out two days in each of the past three weeks.  A minimum of three days a week is my goal, so I still have some work to do.

Also, last week, my hubby and I joined Weight Watchers online.  We've both lost 5 lbs so far - definitely more than I expected in the first week!  It seems like the weight loss is slowing a bit this week, which is to be expected.  In any event, we're enjoying the recipes and are working to overcome the occasional junk cravings that everyone experiences.