Saturday, December 31, 2011

Week 30 for Jess

Sun-Mon: nothing
Tues: Biggest Winner Maximize: Back in Action
Wed: 30 Day Shred, Level 3
Thurs: walked around Knott's Berry Farm all day
Fri: 30 Day Shred, Level 1
Sat: yoga class with Emiy - so fun!

12/28 note - It feels so good to get back to basics!

12/31 note - first week in a long time that I worked out all week. It feels so good; I missed working out so much. I think if I get sick again, I'm going to work out anyway - maybe just walking, but something, because I feel so much better when I exercise.


Friday, December 30, 2011

Emily's week 16

Saturday - nothing (Christmas Eve!)
Sunday - nothing (Christmas!)
Monday - restorative yoga (about 15 minutes, just to loosen me up a bit)
Tuesday - restorative yoga (60 minutes)
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing

Monday, December 26, 2011

Weeks 25-28: nothing, because I was sick.

Week 29:
Sunday-Tues: nothing
Wednesday: "Biggest Winner: Maximize: Back In Action" - longest DVD title ever (I could have added "Jillian Michaels'", but a nice, short, intense workout. A good first one back.)
Thursday: "Biggest Winner: Maximize: Full Frontal" (another Jillian Michaels - matching DVD to the one I did yesterday)
Fri-Sat: nothing

Back to it!


Friday, December 23, 2011

Emily's week 15

Saturday - restorative yoga (60 minutes)
Sunday - nothing
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - restorative yoga (60 minutes)
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - vinyasa yoga (60 minutes)
Friday - nothing

With Jonathan on vacation, I was able to get to an extra class this week (8am classes don't work when I have to take him to school at that time!) Katie Peckham and I traded babysitting today so I could go to yoga at 8am and then she went to the gym at 9:30. It worked out beautifully, and we're going to do it again next week!

Monday, December 19, 2011

spinning plates and low expectations

I've loved the conversation (and honesty) on here about what to choose. Someone once told me that you do each day what is the most important to you. So at the end of the day I can see a visual of my true may be indications that I need to re-evaluate what is important to me but what I want and what I accomplish never (NEVER) line up. Right now in this season for our family (Daniel is 5 weeks old) we are adjusting to very little sleep and the busyness of four five and under. On top of life we are selling everything we have, preparing to move out of our home (in several months) and into my parents and raising our support in preparation to depart for Sudan. Let's just say between this and homeschooling I have found great success in setting really low expectations.
I tend to set expectations way too high and then feel discouraged, so for this season I have three each day clean laundry, no dishes in the sink, and time with God to set the tone for our home. These are my priorities and I find my day is successful when I have completed them. I have other things I try and get done but don't allow myself to get overly discouraged when the sun goes down and they are left incomplete. This, for this time, has allowed me to focus on my kids and their needs more then I would normally be able to and just cherish moments instead of being caught up in to dos.

Thanks for encouraging me gals I've loved reading your post and being challenged to exercise even though I am a silent participant :-)

Sunday, December 18, 2011

Emily's week 14

Saturday - yoga class (75 minutes)
Sunday - nothing
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing

Thank you, everyone! It is encouraging to hear that I'm not the only one who can't keep all the plates spinning all the time. :)

I especially liked what Yolanda said here:

"But it can be a challenge to keep my priorities in check and avoid stressing about all the other items on the to do list that have to fall by the wayside."

This is exactly my problem: I think that everything is (or should be) a priority, and get frustrated when that (obviously) doesn't work.

Kelly, your goal of something for the family and something for you each day made me think more clearly about what I actually do during the day. For the family, dinner and/or laundry tend to be my priorities. For me it is usually an orderly house (I get really stressed by visual messes) and/or reading for pleasure. And once I really thought about it, I realized that exercise just doesn't have the same importance to me as either of those. Hmm. Now to decide if it should, or if I should just quit internalizing the culture's stick-thin expectations...!

Jess, your comment about it not being sloth, but rather "triage" made me laugh, and I think you're absolutely right! My whole life is one big triage room right now. :) Thinking about it that way is helpful.

So again, thank you for your encouragement and wise counsel. I'm blessed to know you girls!

Friday, December 16, 2011

dropping plates

Um, yes, something always gets dropped.  Always.

Ironically, I, one of the more regular exercisers here, dropped exercising off for this last month due to health issues and I still had to drop housework on top of that because of other circumstances!!!

So my approach (and this may not be the wisest), but I mark two goals each day as the 'must-have' goals: one is the must-have for my happiness (exercise is usually this. Sometimes sewing.  Sometimes a nap); the second is the must be done for the happiness of the family (usually this is dinner.  If I luck out and there are enough leftovers, then it becomes another chore.  Sometimes it is doing an art project with the kids and then we have cereal for dinner or smthg equally easy and silly.)

In other words, our household is always running a bit behind somewhere and I have come to terms that this just happens when you have small children.  I think our memories of our parents households having it together have a lot to do with us being teenagers helping out with the chores!!!

I think that this season of our lives is more about training than anything else.  We are training ourselves to be disciplined and training our children (not just in character, but in helping out around the house).  And I think this means that things get done less as a result now for the purpose of being taken care of in the future, if that makes sense.

I'm not saying that I don't get annoyed with the seemingly continual chaos, messes and lack of accomplishments, but I realize that what is more important is my attitude than anything else.  And, that brings me back to the main reason I exercise: my mental health.

Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Mystical Magical Art of Plate Spinning

Emily, I have no idea to keep all the plates going at once.

Case in point: my exercise schedule for the last several weeks.
Week before Thanksgiving: 4 exercise sessions (the most I've done in a long time!)
Week of: One exercise Class
Week after Thanksgiving: 2 exercise classes
First full week in December: 3 exercise classes (back on track!)
This week: 1 class, if I'm lucky, in addition to my feeble attempts to squeeze some kind of activity into my daily schedule.

I wish I was better about exercising regularly. After all, it is important to maintaining good health - and sanity! But when I add in all my other responsibilities - husband, 2 year old son, full time job - and the other related facets of these responsibilities (maintaining a home and family budget, finals followed by a 10 day minimester, job applications, and other professional responsibilities), I find that I just can't put my all into everything. So I try to prioritize and understand what is most important for the week I am in. This week, it was class prep and job applications. Next week, it will job applications and holiday prep. I will get my exercise in when I can by doing a few simple exercises while my son naps and attending the Saturday morning exercise classes, but I beyond that, I can't worry about what I can't do.

As long as I keep my priority list for the week relatively short (1 to 3 items), I can usually achieve my goals and feel like I've accomplished something each week. But it can be a challenge to keep my priorities in check and avoid stressing about all the other items on the to do list that have to fall by the wayside.

Monday, December 12, 2011

a bye week

Emily - I've been thinking about your last post, and I think the way that I handle it is that I let each category of things have a "bye week". I mean, this month, the kids' school schedule is bizarre and there's tons of holiday prep, and so I'm not pressing myself to get my writing done. Right now, my writing has a bye week. Some days I think, "today is all about writing" and the housework is what slides. Other times I know the kids really need some intensive one-on-one time and I prioritize that and something else gets neglected.

I think you're right: we can't do it all. At least not all the time.  So I cycle things. I attend to one thing and get that plate spinning, then leave it to continue on with its momentum, and turn to the next thing and get it spinning faster, and so on.

I think you have to be okay with saying, "this part of my life isn't stellar right now" but only if you're ending that sentence with "because there is something else more important that I'm attending to". So, not sloth, just triage.

I'm guessing that you never reach a point of life where this isn't necessary, and our dissatisfaction comes with assuming that we will reach that point, and so we get angry that we're not there yet. But I don't think there's any "there" there. Or rather, no "there" here. There is certainly a rest to come for God's people. And He gives to his beloved sleep, even here on earth.

But I do think that part of wisdom is the ability to say, "this now, and not this". And then not to get stuck in that evaluation when the situation changes.

Which it always does.

I hate change. I'm just saying. Golly, everything should stay the same forever and I should just be allowed to sit on the couch reading and drinking coffee.

(Okay, that last bit was my thirty-something angst, not my ideal self. Heh.)


Friday, December 9, 2011

Emily's week 13

Saturday - yoga class (75 minutes)
Sunday - nothing
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing

Phooey. This is not going as planned.

Ok, girls, I want to know if the rest of you have the same problem I have. Namely that something always gets dropped each week. Every week I'm aiming for a clean house, clean laundry, healthy meals, quality kid time (reading, preschool, park, play, etc.) and exercise. (And church work and doula work and getting-ready-for Christmas, of course.) Every week something gets dropped. If I'm exercising, it is a good bet that my house isn't clean or I'm not paying enough attention to the kids. Rationally, it doesn't seem like it should be this way, but practically that does seem to be how it plays out.

Is this just me? How do you manage to keep all the plates spinning at once?

Saturday, December 3, 2011

Emily's week 12

Saturday - yoga class (75 minutes)
Sunday - yoga class (75 minutes)
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - nothing
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - nothing
Friday - nothing

Well gee, I'm glad I went to those classes on the weekend! ;)