Saturday, July 31, 2010

Stepping up a notch

This week is the first week in which I've actually completed 3 workouts. I realized that in addition to having difficulty working exercise time into my schedule that the monotony of doing the same routine was adding to my reluctance to get in the third workout of the week.

So, I stopped in at the library to pick up some DVD's to try. I did 5 minutes of Power Yoga: Strength with Rodney Yee before my wrists began to hurt. I switched then to Densie Austin's Blast Away the Pounds and did 2 15 minute intervals. Although I felt like I was working out with Barbie, the dvd did exercise different muscles than Shred 1. It scores a B on ease of bodily coordination and a D on cheesiniess. I'll do it again, but only until I can find something better. This week maybe I'll get around to buying the hand weights I meant to buy this week. Recommendations on weight? I've been using 26 oz cans.

Also encouraging is that we purchased a used Bike for Dan. He's been having fun getting it running and has done a couple rides. It feels good to have a partner in exercise even if we do different things at different times.

Thursday, July 29, 2010

On the Bench

Yep, between the foot and the bursitis, I am truly on the bench for now. The wound to my foot made my bursitis much worse because I could hardly walk on my left side. So, after limping around for a couple of days, my hips have had it. I am frustrated and really can't do anything but lift weights.

I am icing my hips now and taking ibuprofen to manage the pain. Mostly, my focus is to get through the next few days and care for Luke as best I can. If the pain keeps up, I think I'll have to look for a physical therapist around here. I will be so relieved to see Nathan again Friday night!

Wednesday, July 28, 2010

Personal Training with Jackie

Did all of this except the abs section. I had a headache, which makes crunches (which always hurt my neck a bit) so very unappealing.


Tuesday, July 27, 2010

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

Just circuits 5/7.


doing well

Since getting to my parents, I been using their exercise bike for 45-50 minutes. Today marks day 3. I screwed up on the mileage when I last blogged. It is more around 15-16 miles, but the calorie countage was correct.

I have been feeling so much happier these last few days and more energized and am just loving exercising again. I am also happy because I did not gain any weight during all the traveling. Yay!!!

Maybe it's just me, but I find it easier to control my diet when I am exercising. I think it causes me to be more conscientious about my body and that is helpful in evaluating food choices. Exercising regularly also gives me the power to say 'yes' to splurges without guilt.

Which makes me think of your last post, Katie P--I used to struggle a lot with viewing food guiltily. I don't know if this would be helpful, but that is the main reason why I made it a goal to try to exercise everyday (though realistically, that means 6 times a week). I decided that if I exercised every day, I would then make the choice not to stress about what I ate. Not that I would let myself eat candybars and big macs everyday, but I have a lot of issues with dieting from my overweight highschool and early college days, and can't handle dieting anymore. I refuse to do it. Exercising every day gives me more wiggle room with food and, honestly, I think it makes me less hungry. Am I the only one with that experience? I think it is because when I exercise, I am more aware of how thirsty I am and drink so much more which then, naturally, fills the empty spaces in my belly. Anyhow, all this to say, I wonder if maybe giving yourself a little break from food tracking and just focusing on strengthening your body might be helpful.

Also in regards to bodily pains, I have found that doing Pilates or Yoga stretches as warm ups really helps. It helps reduce injuries and helps me be more aware of whether or not my muscle is hurt or just tight. If it is just tight, the stretching make my body feel well again. If it is an injury, I become more aware of it. Just a thought.

New injury and the all natural workout

Well, when it rains, it pours I guess... :)

Today, I was playing with Luke outside at a friends house. While I was walking in he grass, I stepped on a small branch and punctured my right foot. It went in almost an inch I believe and cut through muscle. So, now I am limping.

Oh well. Last week, I took Jess's advice and listened to some old Jillian podcasts. I really enjoyed her podcast on injuries and found it helpful. For cardio today, I did lots of punches with weights. Then I just focused the rest of my workout on abs and upper body strength training.

I was impressed with how much I was able to do! Awhile ago, I would have just sat around for a few days feeling sorry for myself.

Oh, and I had another thought about exercise-

We have a rather large yard for living in a major city (1/4 acre). We thought we would love to have the space and it was definitely a major reason for us purchasing this particular house. What we didn't realize was all the work it took to keep such a yard, in such a tropical climate up. Really, the grass grows noticeably higher everyday! And the weeds can get out of control in no time. This weekend, I left off regular exercise in favor of working outside. It was very rewarding and I enjoyed myself so much.

Most of our neighbors have gardeners who come once a week to care for their lawns (not that we are better because we don't- its more like we are poor and have to do our own lawn). But I did think that it was kind of silly that many people went to the gym to workout when there was so much right outside their door to get them in shape. And... it feels so good to take care of what you have. I think similar things about cleaning. Vaccuming, mopping, bathroom cleaning, heaving laundry around, even cooking.

I have been so envious of other moms who go to the gym when their kids are in school that it is good for me to have these reflections... :) Maybe when my kids are all in school (many years from now), I will get a job doing yards. :)

Inspiring Cuteness

Jess - LOVE IT!! That was hilarious! That poor girl - not only the horrible choker, but... hello?? what was going on with her pants? Were they camo? Or were they shreds of fabric pinned together? And yes, I think if you can't get that move that it is not a terrible thing, as the move was pretty funny :) BUT I think it looks like a great workout, and a really fun way to get some good exercise! Thanks for sharing :)

My hip is better. I am really glad I didn't run on it yesterday - I think that day of rest was just what it needed. It's good for me to write that out and see it (and to have experienced it), because I can tend to drive myself too hard, not believing that rest does any significant good (I take after my dad in that sense - can be a good thing to be so persevering, but it can get out of appropriate bounds real fast). But it's clear to me that resting yesterday did help. I didn't succeed very much at massaging throughout the day - partly because when I tried in the morning I never really found the right spot, and partly because the later part of the day was spent out of the house. The other thing I want to remember in the future is using a heating pad! I finally remembered this before going to bed, and I really believe that's a big reason I feel better today.

So today I debated giving my knots another day of no exercise to work themselves out or not, but opted to go ahead and go for a run, since my hip didn't really bother me most of the day yesterday, and the knots themselves weren't feeling too bad today. I'm glad I did - at this point, nothing hurts from it. I stretched pretty well afterwards (which I'm usually terrible at doing), and massaged my back more. I did crunches (but no push-ups, just in case).

Here is a shot of one of my motivations to get out for a run. This little girl LOVES riding in the stroller. She's usually silently fascinated the whole time, and if I pause at a stoplight and peek in at her, she barely even looks at me because she's so "in the zone" gazing at all her surroundings. I love it.

(not sure why the picture looks so bad - if you click on it, the larger version is much clearer)

I give myself a B for how eating went yesterday. I didn't have any major setbacks, but in the evening I just kind of fuzzed (don't ask me for a precise definition of that word). Part of it was, the snack I chose in the afternoon ended up being quite a bit more filling than I expected, and I wasn't hungry for dinner (which is always a bummer for me - I love eating dinner as a family). And then, I'd tried a new recipe for dinner and not only did Daniel not like it, but I didn't like it! :( One little "loss" I am grieving with letting go of eating a bit more is that when a meal is disappointing, it bothers me more than it used to. It's like I make the effort to not indulge in snacks or nibbles and "save it up" for being hungry for my meal, and when the meal "lets me down," boy is that disappointing! (I'm sorry if this is kind of silly, but it helps me to try and sort all of this out here.) One thing I want to try and consciously do differently in the future if this happens, is to consider not finishing my meal. Last night I finished it anyway, but then felt very dissatisfied even though full. And, more than that, I felt mad! Mad that the meal didn't turn out, and then mad also because now I'm full of food I did not enjoy. This led to nibbling later on in the evening, as if to "make up for my loss" of a good satisfying meal by eating more (which, for the record, does not work). Instead, one obvious option for next time, would be to finish the meal but be more intentional about brushing my teeth or something afterwards and just waiting for the next meal or next time I'm hungry to eat. Or another idea would be to try stopping mid-meal and eating something else, or doing something else with the food. (For example, last night it was an Indian-style meatloaf with curry and a tahini sauce. The meatloaf itself was fine, but there was way too much tahini on top and I didn't like it. So I could probably scrape off the sauce and make a meatloaf sandwich with BBQ sauce or something that would be much more satisfying.)

Another reason for the "B" is that I didn't drink enough yesterday (largely due to being out and about).

One major victory was that I stopped at a place I love to pick up lunch (it's far away and I only go there once a month when I meet with my spiritual director, who is right up the street from it), but didn't eat past full! (which is not easy for me to do at this place) I just kept the rest in the box and had some for a snack later in the day. That's a big deal for me! I also noticed how it wasn't as extraordinary of an effort as it sometimes has been in the past to do that, which is encouraging to me.

Another thing I want to remember that I did today is eating a nice, full, satisfying breakfast (or any meal). If I eat a really good solid meal, I am about 98% less likely to snack between meals, and the amount of food I eat in a day (while still feeling satisfied) is significantly less. Sometimes I just grab something that I know isn't a full breakfast, instead of taking an extra 2 minutes to put together a complete meal, but it's like giving myself an excuse to just graze all morning because I am "finishing breakfast" (this isn't a good direction for me to go personally).

Em - I talked to Daniel about the chiropractor and he said sure! However, I'm guessing that I ought to go in when I'm in pain, right? Not after the fact? Since my hip is feeling better, should I just wait til the next time something goes wrong, or should I go in before that, even if I'm not in pain, just to make sure things are right?

Monday, July 26, 2010

No More Trouble Zones

Did this one today.

And, for your amusement, I include a clip from the DVD I did yesterday. Check out the girl in yellow. She's not only wearing that striking color of goldenrod, she's wearing a choker. A thick, black choker. Who wears a choker to work out? I hope she had words with the wardrobe mistress afterwards. 

(Or maybe she chose her outfit herself. Worse and worse!)

(You may also get a laugh out of the idea of me trying to do this particular move. I was terrible at it. Is it terrible to be terrible at such a terrible dance move? Or is it wonderful to be terrible at such at terrible dance move?)


Chiropractic and injuries

Katie, I have had regular chiropractic care for the past year. For me, it has made a huge difference. I used to have back pain of some sort most of the time. Going to bed used to be tough because I had to consciously try to relax muscles before I could even lie down properly. And everything would be tight again in the morning! And of course I was having all those knee problems.

One year later, I still have knee problems but only if I'm not careful (as opposed to all the time). And my back almost never hurts, other than normal tired muscles after a workout. It is kind of amazing, really, because I had just assumed that kind of aching knotty back was something I'd have to live with.

Initially I was going three times a week (because my symptoms were considered "acute"). Now I go about once a month, just for maintenance. Sometimes I'm tempted to just not go at all...but then I remember how hard it used to be just to lie down, and how much happier I am when I can exercise and sleep well, and I think that the $49/month price tag is totally worth it. We consider it part of our health care budget.

I do think that chiropractic makes more sense than massage (having tried both) because while massage deals with the symptom (sore muscles) chiropractic deals with the source (spinal misalignment) that is causing the sore muscles. Massage feels great at the time but I didn't find it to be very effective long-term.

By the way, I'm seeing Jason Baietto at Complete Balance Chiropractic in Placentia. He's a Christian, and really cares about his patients. Also, his staff is wonderful, and I've never had to wait more than 7 minutes to be seen. If you want to try it, I'd recommend him.

Pressing Through

Friday was (hooray!) the last day of VBS. I'm really glad I was a part of it, but boy did it mess up Naomi's nap schedule (and hence her nighttime sleep schedule :( ). I did Shred Wkt 3 again. This time I actually did all the traveling push-ups and plank rows in the toughest position! That felt good! Otherwise, still using 3 lb weights. I think I did all the mtn climbers in the first set straight through, too, which was a LOT harder than I thought it would be!

Friday we went camping, and sleep was pretty bad - it was very frustrating that our one set of neighbors arrived very noisily at 10:30 pm, an hour after we'd all turned in; and then our other set of neighbors in a huge RV decided to arrive at 12:30 am, and then let their kids run around, screaming and yelling and laughing while they got their RV and generators (?) all hooked up (no joke - it was awful). But I was awake at 6:30 Saturday morning anyway, and lying in bed in a tent is not very comfortable so I decided to go for a run. I decided to just go out 10 min and turn around since I had no idea of distance. I actually came home 1:30 faster than I went out! That was very encouraging. No crunches/pushups.

Sunday I took off, as usual. But that evening we walked half a mile down to Chipotle for dinner and my hip was hurting me. It felt like my shoulder did a few weeks ago - like a tendon was being rubbed back and forth along a sharp bone or something. That's a bad description but it's the closest I can come up with. I tried stretching my gluts, which helped some, but it kept tightening back up. I am pretty sure it's my back again - sleeping in the tent tweaked my back pretty badly, so maybe that's what messed me up. But I think there are knots that are causing surrounding muscles (this time my gluts/hips) to compensate. Right now I have monthly massages (at least for a few more months - birthday gift), but I am wondering if seeing a chiropractor might be more effective. (Any input on how effective that would be, based on the problems I've described having on here?)

So no running for me today until I can get my hip feeling better. :( I actually am really sad about that, because today should have been a running day... if it were Shred, I don't think I'd feel very sad at all. :) I got down to do make myself do crunches and pushups at least, but at the first push-up I stopped, realizing if the hip injury is in fact because of knots in my back, doing pushups might also injure my shoulder like last time. So just crunches. It let me focus more on my form though, and I'm still surprised at how poor it is! So I worked on that. My "workout goal" for today is to stretch and massage as often as I can, and see if I can get the pain to go away by tomorrow.

Eating is always a lot harder for me when I have to cut back on my usual exercise. I think it's the sitting around that makes me want to snack. This morning is already weird because my routine is different, but I made myself brush my teeth after breakfast and then sit down to write this instead of reading blogs and nibbling, while Naomi naps. After this, I want to shower and get dressed, and massage a bit. Other than that, eating has continued to go well. Stress isn't the only reason I overeat, but I have been so focused on that the last couple weeks that I didn't notice myself also wanting to eat for some of the other reasons I have dealt with in the past - like boredom. So I had a few days there where hunger and fullness were fuzzy to me, and I felt a little confused about when and how much to eat. I tried to just keep re-focusing on eating normal-sized meals at normal times. A few times I felt really frustrated because I so wanted to just put something in my mouth, but I knew I was not hungry and it wasn't time for a meal or anything. I resorted to chewing gum a couple times, and ice water and doing something absorbing a few other times. Those things worked. And every time, I was so glad later, because after an hour or two, I would be hungry for my next meal! And that was very rewarding. So I'm continuing to try and take steady steps forward, and to hold my ground as sturdily as I can, without giving up because of the fuzzy times or lapses.

Re: sleep. Middle of the night is better now - other than a few nights last week when Naomi was up (and camping of course), I've been able to sleep through. I stopped taking Magnesium supplements about 10 days ago I think, because they were starting to give me nightmares (at least I think it was because of that - that seems to happen after I take any particular thing for sleep, after awhile). I worried I would start waking mid-night again, but I haven't. BUT I've begun waking early every morning, like 5:30 or 6, when Naomi sleeps til at least 6:30 or 7. That stinks. I think with all of these various sleep problems, that my sleep cycle gets disrupted once or twice, and then gets into a rut. I wish I could get out of this rut - I'm not quite sure what to do, since it seems too difficult to go back to sleep for only about 40 minutes. For now I'm just going to try and nap diligently.

Thanks Emily and Kelly for the input about the bladder issue. I think I will send a message to my midwife and ask her about it, and I have begrudgingly begun to do Kegels when I think of it. I do not love my attitude about that, by the way, but this is at least a start. :)

Jess - Yes, I have a couple weight options - 5 lb dumbbells and 3 lb spaghetti jars. :) I also had lighter spaghetti jars but don't really use those anymore. I'd like to get some heavier dumbbells for just one or two of the exercises (at this point), but haven't gotten to it yet. I've been thinking of getting 7 lb dumbbells, because 2lb seems like a good increase to me - so that it's harder but not so hard that I can't do the exercise properly. But then I'm wondering about getting just 2lb dumbbells, which I could hold simultaneously with the 5lb ones, equaling 7lb. And then maybe getting 10lb dumbbells for the really easy exercises. I don't want to end up getting tons and tons of dumbbells, but it seems like, if I can hold two dumbbells in one hand (I know I can at least do two 5's), that combo could get me pretty far - 2lb, 5lb, [7lb], 10lb, [12lb], [15lb]. Or maybe like Katie J, I'll get 3's instead of 2's.

Thanks for describing your surgery and how you got through it mentally! That is helpful to hear about, and I think if I ever had it done, that the Jesus prayer would really help me too! That's a good idea. And I'm glad to know they hold your eyes open (even if that would be a little scary) - stupid as it sounds, I remember thinking, "I just couldn't hold my eyes open! I know I'd blink and then... what would happen??" :)

Katie - That made me so sad to read your story about how you got chronic bursitis. I'm sorry! :( That's great that you've been able to work around it and still be active, while taking care of that. I mentioned on here before about watching my parents age, and seeing some things I want to emulate and others I don't. My dad was a runner and, in denial of a long-term injury, popped Excedrin on an empty stomach for years, so that he could keep running. When we were vacationing on Catalina Island one summer, his stomach finally ruptured and we all had a very very scary night, including blood everywhere and a life-flight helicopter taking him to the mainland to the nearest hospital. While I wish I could have learned this some other way, that experience really taught me that it's not worth it to me to deny injuries or bully them, but to listen to them. Luke is blessed to have a mommy who can model healthy self-care for him!

Kelly - So glad to hear you were able to eat more like you like this last week, and able to get out a lot and exercise. And so happy to hear you are (now less than) a week away from being all together as a family again!

Sunday, July 25, 2010

Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party

It's Sunday, and I felt like doing something different, so I tried Crunch: Fat Burning Dance Party on Netflix Instant Watch. 

Not bad. Jennifer Galardi's always a good instructor, even though this video did follow other Crunch videos' awful habit of cutting away from the instructor's feet (why would you do that on an instructional DVD?). Some of the dancers' outfits were TERRIBLE though, but it kind of added to the overall goofy atmosphere of the tape (I'm sure it was a tape, back in the day).


great workout

Last week I did not do any official exercise, but walked/hiked a lot and had good control of my diet, so I am pleased. I am at my parents for a few days before heading home. Just one more week till I see Jesse again!

My parents bought an exercise bike recently and I tried it out for the first time this morning. I did a 10 minute Pilates Ab workout followed by 45 minutes cycling plus a 5 minute cool down. According to the machine, I burned over 300 calories and went about 26 miles. At least I think that's right. I had to go to the bathroom halfway through the workout and the machine turned off and I had to restart it when I got back on, so I'm a guessing a bit on the numbers.

Anyhow, I feel like I am still in shape after today's workout and that is a good feeling because I was feeling so blagh the last few weeks. I think maybe exercising at a normal altitude and humidity might be a factor in that. But I'm feeling rejuvenated again and excited that I should be able to workout everyday now (at least till I hit the road again to go home).

Saturday, July 24, 2010

Injury.. ugh

Well, I mentioned in my last post that I was beginning to feel like an athlete again. This week, that has remained true, but in a different way. This week an old, chronic injury visited me again.

Background: I played volleyball and ran track and cross country in high school- and loved it. When I was finishing my sophomore year, I began to feel a popping noise in my hip on occasion. I thought it might be a problem, but since I experienced little pain with it, I left it alone. This came back to bite me at Biola. My 2nd year, I trained and ran a half-marathon. It was wonderful! It also aggravated the problem in my hips. By the time I saw a doctor about it, it was full-blown bursitis.
Since I ran sooo much in training, I overused the joint. Since I did not treat it early, it is probably something that will be a chronic problem for the rest of my life.

I have learned to manage it during the past 5 or so years so that it doesn't affect my daily life (besides the no running thing). All the new exercises and my increased intensity brought it back to life this week.

It is frustrating, but I have been working around it. I have been focusing on arms and abs, and have been doing things like working out in the yard. So far so good. I never know how long the bursitis will act up, but hopefully I will be mostly back to my normal routine in a few weeks.


Jessica- Thanks for the DVD reviews! I think I need the No More Trouble Zones

Wow, you use use heavy weights. My standard set is 3, 5, and 10lbs. The food journaling sounds interesting. How much time would you say that it takes?

Katie P.- I am continually amazed by your reflections. Thanks for sharing! I have thought about the water trick often and have used it successfully once this week.

Emily- Your alternative workout :) sounds like a lot of fun. I think it is something like what Wiggledancing is for me. Glad that you are hanging in there during the kitchen remodel! I keep looking at our aging tiled backsplash and cracked tiles.... :)

Kelly- I hope that you are having a great time on your vacation. It looks like you are getting some "fun" exercise in. Yellowstone is so amazing- we went there as part of our honeymoon. :)

Week 7 Summary for Jess

Sunday: Personal Training with Jackie

Monday: nothing

Tuesday: nothing

Wednesday: Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom, 2/3 routines

Thursday: nothing

Friday: Personal Training with Jackie

Saturday: nothing

Three workouts last week - not bad for a week that included surgery!



-Amie, still praying for Julie. And I hope camping goes well!

-Katie J - I love the Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism workout too! Or, well, I don't love doing it, but I do it regularly and love the results!

As to workout times: lately I've been working out in the afternoon, during the twins' naps and the big kids' quiet time, but I'm trying to get back into the habit of getting up early. If I can do this, I'll get up early and exercise, and then save naptime for writing.

My husband and I used to do push-ups and pull-ups in the evening, but it was just too much. We'd get the kids down, then do clean-up and dishes, and adding exercise on top of that just made me dread the evening, because after supper, kids' bedtime, clean-up and dishes I really just want to sit down. :)

-Katie P - I think you're right to want to use lighter weights but do the exercises in the harder position, rather than do heavier weights in the easy position, because I think the hardest part of a lot of those exercises is just being in a plank position. I bet you see better results with the path you chose.

Curious - it sounds like you have more than one set of weights out when you work out? I do too. I have 15s, 10s, and 5s, and I always have the all out, because I always am wanting different weights for various exercises. And sometimes for the same exercise; sometimes I'll use a heavier weight for the first time through an exercise, and then a lighter weight for the repetition. Anyone else do this?

Regarding the eye surgery: the physical act of keeping my eyes open wasn't hard, if that's what you mean, because they prop them open. I admit, I didn't enjoy having them open; it's not a fun feeling to have bright lights shining in your eyes and not to be able to blink! But I did what I did during my c-section: I just said the Jesus prayer over and over! And my surgeon was really good about keeping up a patter, letting me know what he was doing, and that helped me a lot, because I didn't feel in the dark about what was going on.

Also, they give you a Xanax beforehand, to help you relax. Yay drugs! 

-Yolanda - it's good to hear from you! I think that it's possible that it's easy for some women to lose pregnancy weight, but my guess is that it's only easy for those who already have a long history of good habits. (This would not be me, it took me 9 months the first two times and 12 months the third.) For me, it was giving birth that prompted me to even start forming good health habits. I think that's true for a lot of women. 

Also, even if you had good habits before, trying to figure out how to implement those habits as a mom (and, for you, I'd imagine, as a grad student and then as a professor) is really like trying to figure out how to implement those habits as a whole new person. It's hard to underestimate the difficulty of that.

Also (gosh, I like using "also"!), when you talk about getting off track and trying to get back on again, it sounds so familiar. I'm becoming more and more convinced that you can't just decide something once. If you're really committed, what that means is that you are committed to deciding again and again and again. Commitment means deciding to decide. You can see it really easily if you look at marriage: you make your vows once, but every day you have to choose to turn towards your husband rather than away. The vow was to do it every day, to reaffirm your decision every day in your actions.

So I think it's no sign of failure that you find yourself starting up again. That's a sign of success.

And, I think, eventually, the gaps of time in your decisions will get smaller and smaller until it feels automatic. But you'll still be deciding, day by day.

Anyway, that's my philosophizing on the subject! :) Forgive my longwindedness. I've just been thinking a lot lately about the idea of commitment, especially in my relationship with God.


food journaling

I started food journaling again yesterday. I haven't done that since I was losing pregnancy weight, but it really was the tool that always helped me during those periods. And, since Christmas, I've been about five pounds heavier than I like being. 

Five pounds isn't much, I know, but it is the difference between some of my clothes fitting comfortably and all of my clothes fitting comfortably, and I like my clothes fitting comfortably. :) Anyway, enough to say: I know food journaling works for me, and I also know that now is an appropriate time for me to use that tool.

The fun thing is, this time, for the first time, I'm food journaling online. I remembered that once I tried to sign up with Sparkpeople to use their food journaling software, but they didn't let me because I made the mistake of telling them that I was nursing. Oops.

But, I'm not nursing now, so now I'm using their site. I gotta say, it's a ton of fun. For someone like me (and I'm not saying you should do it if it's not your thing, or not the sort of thing that's helpful to you), all the charts and keeping track make it into a game, and I'm really enjoying myself (must be that J). It's also really interesting, because you can do things like look at a pie chart of your daily calories by the food they came from. It really emphasizes how few calories most produce has!

I had to turn LOTS of options off when I signed up though. No, I don't want your emails. No, I don't want to join the message board. No, I don't want to measure my waist. No, I don't want to keep track of how many glasses of water I drink. No, I don't want you to plan a strength-training routine for me. But I was impressed by how many options there are, and how customizable the software is. You can even track non-weight-related goals, and I'm thinking of using that feature to keep track of my page count daily (writing-related goal).  (I should mention, for those who might be interested, you can turn off any of it you want to, so you could use, say, the goal-tracking part without using the calorie-counting or weight-tracking.)

Anyway, this seemed like an appropriate place to share this. I usually just keep track of exercise stuff here, but I thought I'd mention a food thing, since it really is the other half of the equation, at least for me.


Personal Training with Jackie

Did this yesterday.


Thursday, July 22, 2010

Long Post from Katie P

Uh, so I didn't get to reading and responding yesterday as I was needed in Mommy form. Hopefully I'll be able to do that tonight.

Exercise: Ran 2 mi this morning, plus crunches and pushups (I'm back up to 2 sets - 15 and 17, non-girl pushups). Got a short nap.

Eating: Continues to amaze me, this feeling of freedom. It is going so well that I am hesitant to even write about it, out of a faint superstitious belief that it will "all fall apart" if I talk about it out loud. I am almost in disbelief at how often a tall, cold glass of ice water is actually what I needed, when I would have *sworn* 5 minutes before that I was feeling tired because FOOD would be the only thing that would help me! It is also funny to me how quickly that whole big glass of water can be suddenly empty again - I am thirstier than I realized I guess. I find myself feeling surprised that I don't need to eat as much in a day as I thought I did, though I am still figuring out how much I need. I've tried "eating intuitively" before, and this time I am finding that a tad more structure than I used to use helps me - I am eating at mealtimes (rather than completely ignoring the clock and eating whenever hungry), and I'm starting with just a normal meal-sized portion (rather than going bite by bite to see how hungry/full I am).

The latest bend in the road is that today I began to feel a bit unsure about hunger and full. I ate a snack around 4pm (I found at the end of last week that I usually need this in order to get me through to dinner, or else I get too hungry). Then I met up with Daniel at a street market, where we got food. I ordered a tamale that was too small, so went back and ordered 2 more after I ate the first one. After eating the 2nd one, I felt good to go, but I wasn't sure if I should eat the 3rd one. The last two nights, I've felt quite hungry right before bed, so I ate the 3rd one thinking it might help me avoid that. But then I felt full. Then I got home and felt dissatisfied. Was I hungry? Was I just worried? Augh!! Now that I write it out, I think I just got too worried about it all. My stomach can stretch for this reason, and it's ok if sometimes I eat a bit too much, and other times don't eat quite enough. It's not the end of the world, and I shouldn't get so focused on every twinge I feel. I want to build a pattern I can sustain over the long haul, and that has to be flexible. So I'm going to look at tonight as a flex. Those nights I went to bed hungry were fine, and tonight I don't think I'll go to bed hungry and that's probably fine too.

Jess - Thanks for your suggestion about the hammock! I think you'd mentioned that to me before and I'd forgotten it. We actually don't have any string hammocks, only cloth ones, but thankfully the a/c is still working fine (plus it hasn't been quite as hot) so swaddling has been fine.

Thanks also for what you shared about re: beliefs about your writing. Yes it is so freeing to see the trap and then be able to walk around it! It's funny: just yesterday while getting my hair cut, a lady made the off-hand comment, "Don't you just wish you were a baby again - no worries, no responsibilities." (not totally random - Naomi was sitting there :) ) And while on the one hand I totally get this and agree, still more of me feels like, "There is no way in heck I'd like to be a baby again!" Partly because it would mean going through childhood and adolescence all over again, and all that drama, and I'm so glad I don't have to relive high school! :) But partly because maturity is really great and I enjoy it! This being able to see a belief and walk around it is one of those abilities gained through time and experience that I would be very sorry to lose, just for the sake of having less responsibility! No thanks!

I'm so glad your surgery went so well! I think superpower is a great word for it :) It gave me a new and deeper awe of Jesus, going around simply touching eyes and bringing sight, just reading what you wrote - I can't imagine what it must be like for you! It's so funny how connected all our body parts are, that lifting weights can put more strain on the eyes! Makes sense, but interesting. Hearing yet another positive report of Lasik tips my "thinking about it" scale just a bit more... maybe someday I'll do it. I have to admit that one negative thing in my brain is how freaked out I think I would be at having to keep my eyes open during the procedure. Was that a big deal for you? or not?

Amie - Thank you so much for the update on Julie. I'm so sorry she is still in ICU and not getting to cuddle her little one, but so thankful she is still alive! Is her life still at risk, or is it now a matter of salvaging the functioning of as many organs as possible? Your time in MT and your upcoming camping sound crazy to me, but I hope you enjoy it! :) I love Montana - Daniel's brother has lived there for about 6 years, and we've spent a few weeks there before. It's beautiful.

Katie - I smiled when I read your comment about CA homes not having A/C - that IS the nice thing about places like TX or other hot places... because of the incredible heat, they have a/c in every home! Good for you for adapting so that you can still work out, even while you can't get outside. And what a great feeling to see how much stronger you've become (with the Prevention DVD)!

I definitely HATE working out in the evenings. Not only am I more tired physically, but mentally I am winding down for the day and working out isn't exactly relaxing or fun in my mind. I like to work out first thing in the morning because it gets it out of the way, honestly. I think it also boosts me up, and I feel good about the fact that I exercised, which gets me more pumped for the day. Also I love mornings (always smells fresh, cool air, etc) so when I'm exercising outside I enjoy being out in the early morning. But I think your idea about doing workouts during naptime to help yourself with depression feelings and the pull of eating might be a great solution.

Emily - So glad karate is going well, and that you are not pushing yourself to do more. In terms of overall health (including body AND heart/soul/mind), it sounds like you are really nailing it by managing your stress and not trying to do too much.

That's hilarious about "Women at Large"! ha!

Great point about your lack of internet being a blessing because it kept you from "checking out" - I'm glad you mentioned that. I always find that when I give up Internet for a bit, I feel so much better! And yet it always sucks me back in. It's so much like me and sugar, now that I think about it! I feel so much better when I'm not eating sweets (which for me translates into eating them rarely - as opposed to never - but in my head I have to think of it as, "I don't eat sweets," or else I will get sucked into eating them waaaay too often and too much :) ). However, while life without sweets is workable for me, I just don't think life without Internet would work in my home... :) (But I can't put all the blame on my programming husband - I don't want to give it up either!) But it is something for me to think about.

Okay, I just read that your blender broke - WOOHOO!!!!!! :) :) I can't WAIT to come see your Vitamix!! :) :) Ok, now I read the rest of your entry and realized that you aren't sure if you're going to get it. In some ways I don't want to give advice because I don't know your specific financial situation, so maybe it is not a good idea for you guys to get it. But if you're asking for general, fairly uninformed input, I would say get it! I hope this isn't faulty or ungodly reasoning, but I don't think that spending money on pleasurable things is wrong. It can be just as sinful to be fastidious about something as it is to gorge yourself on it - pleasure is meant to be enjoyed but not glorified, and it can be glorified when we attach ourselves too tightly to it and require it, as well as when we focus too much on restricting or forbidding it. My thinking is: this blender will last you for the rest of your life (or a super long time at least), and I am sure you will not only get many many enjoyable "moments" from it, enjoying a smoothie or something else, but also you will be nourishing your family both in body and spirit - those green smoothies are great for them, and I bet they really enjoy them too. So I think it's an investment that is worth it. But again, I don't know your financial situation, and obviously there are plenty of things that should come before pleasure - a family needs food, babies need diapers, you need a car and gas in it, etc. But if there isn't a real, tangible expense or debt that would keep you from buying this, but rather it is just a fear of spending a lot of money on something you will enjoy, I say spit in the face of the temptation to idolize frugality and buy the Vitamix and enjoy it every time you use it!

( hope that was not too strong. I just read a discussion on Facebook about how Christians should not wear shorts to church if they love God and I think it got me a little too fired up when I came to thinking about your Vitamix. So take what I said with a grain of salt. :) )

Yolanda - I can't even begin to imagine what it must be like to go through as much transition as it sounds like you have recently gone through (in your academic and family life). That's a lot to swallow and digest and jump into (sorry for mixing my metaphors there, but they all seem appropriate). Good for you for determining to start again, with taking care of your body. You're right about the fact that you and your family will all be glad you did. I think in terms of my own inspiration, once I get in a routine, sticking with the routine just keeps me rolling, but when I get OUT of a routine and need to start again, I have been motivated in the past by looking at a picture of myself from a healthier time. But what's worked more effectively I think is just knowing it's taking me to a place I'd rather be, regardless of what I feel like now, because for me so much of being successful at staying fit and healthy is just doing it, whether I feel like it or not, and this attitude keys into that. I don't know how helpful that will be, but it's what's true for me. Other ideas for motivation: get some gear you enjoy (clothes or shoes or a headband) - it's actually gotten me out of bed in the morning because I was eager to wear my new swimsuit for swimming laps! Or give yourself some treat for working out - maybe a once a week dessert treat, or a luxurious bath or maybe a smaller daily treat. I know of someone who bought small sizes of a really expensive body wash and hair products that she loved but she put them in her gym bag and only let herself use them after she'd worked out as her treat.

Back again - momentarily

Greetings all! It's good to be back, though I have to admit that my posts on this site will be sporadic during the course of the summer. I've got to write another chapter of my diss and plan my classes between now and late August! Yikes!

The last time I posted, I asked about expectations, and your answers were encouraging, not because I take pleasure in your struggles, but because it helps to know that I'm not the only one who has had difficulty in this area. When I was pregnant, the "experts" made it sound so easy to lose your pregnancy weight. Just breastfeed and watch what you eat, and in a year, you'll be back to the size you were. Yeah right.

There was no way I (or anyone else) could account for all the variables in my life, namely how difficult it would be to adjust to being a mommy and a grad student and (six months later) a full time prof. I can't say that any one of these things prevented me from looking out for my health, but they became my obstacles.

Just yesterday, I found inspiration for getting on track from a financial planning book (of all places), Smart Couples Finish Rich. The premise of the book is that money should help you 1) be; 2) do; and 3) have. In order to follow this approach, you must determine the values you wish to live by before you begin your financial planning. Health is one of the values discussed. Now I am a firm believer that I need to protect my health in order to properly care for my family and grow it in the upcoming years, but I have really gone off track when it comes to living out this value. The solution: make my health a real priority.

At the time I dropped off the blog, I was doing well. I exercised 4 times that week (the minimum number of days I want to do) and began incorporating abdominal work into my routine. I also ran 2 full miles (not consecutive) for the first time in my life. I was feeling good.

Then I was sidelined by a rough week where I worked out only one day, followed by another week of the same because I was focused on preparing for my parents' visit. Here we are, roughly one month after the fact, and I haven't worked out yet this week (my parents just left this afternoon). I have felt lethargic and generally course for the past couple of weeks and have been itching to get on the treadmill again.

So tomorrow, that's what I will do. It's a new day and another chance to commit myself to my values. My body will thank me for it, as will my family. I am excited and look forward to taking care of my health again.

What has inspired you lately?

Veggie Tales Dance Dance Dance

A friend just gave us this game which, happily, plugs directly into a computer instead of a tv. I turned it on for the kids to try...and discovered that it is TONS of fun. Seriously, who wouldn't like "dancing" to Oh Where Is My Hairbrush? This may be my new form of cardio. :)

Disclaimer for those who might want to get it: the pad tends to slip when you get to harder levels and move faster, leaving you wondering why you're "missing" so often. But if you don't get too hung up on the score, it is still a lot of fun.

Wednesday, July 21, 2010

Dance with Julianne: Cardio Ballroom

No weights, but plenty of exertion! I did everything but the Paso Doble; I skipped that because the twins woke up.

I sometimes wonder if, on these dance DVDs with three segments, I ought not to do one segment three times in a row, at least until I learn it well, rather than doing all three segments. I have the feeling I might get the hang of the moves faster if I did that.


Still Alive, Still Working Out

... just busy! Helping with VBS at church this week has thrown my routine off and it's been hard to find time to get on here. The good news is that I have been working out and napping! At least, I did yesterday. I want to today but just now Naomi was definitely not acting like she needed the nap I was hoping she'd want! I'll try again in an hour. (I have not been getting enough sleep.)

I'm back into Workout 3 of Shred... umph. Not quite sure what that sound is, but it seems appropriate. Workout 3 is the toughest for me (surprise surprise - it's the 3rd one! :) ), and I'm not thrilled about doing it again, but I can also appreciate that I am getting a good workout. Today was my first time doing it in a month and was unpleasantly surprised when suddenly I heard Jillian say, "Get down in a plank position for mountain climbers!" Noooo! My nemesis! I had forgotten about those! But I did them - 12 in a row before a step-touch break. I was also able to do all the traveling pushups in the harder position, and the first set of plank rows / leg lifts in the harder position. I did the 2nd set of rows on my knees, but to be honest that first set was not as hard as it was last month, and I should probably at least see how many I can do next time in the harder position, to challenge my body (not let my mind hold me back, which I always do). The fact that they weren't as hard surprised me since I had to back off the upper body work last week. But also I was using lighter weights throughout (3 lb weights, except for the dumbbell cleans, which I do with 10 lb of weight), so that might have helped. If so, I will continue doing that, because I like being able to do the full workout in the harder position even if I'm using smaller weights.

Yesterday I ran again, 2 miles. No time for crunches and pushups before VBS (nor for a shower! ew!) but oh well. Monday I did Workout 2 of Shred. I ran out of time in the morning, but did it in the afternoon when I got home.

Peeing is still problematic. Or rather, peeing is easy (too easy) - holding it while running or bouncing is the problem. I thought for awhile last month that it was getting better, but now it is definitely not better. The "best" proof of this happened just now. I'd walked Naomi down the street in the jog stroller so I could run some errands and by the end she was very hungry (and also sleepy, so I thought), so I decided to jog the half mile home. Problem was, I had NOT just gone to the bathroom (like I usually do RIGHT before I leave for a run), and I had on regular clothes and only minimal "protection". Yeah, I peed my pants. Nice dark shorts that really show wetness. Oh well. Maybe when Naomi weans... Until then, as long as I'm prepared for it, it isn't too big a deal. I guess though it's another one of those body limitations (like what we were talking about a few weeks ago with aging), and it is honestly sort of hard for me to accept. What if it never gets better? What if spontaneously breaking into a run, or doing jumping jacks or any kind of jumping will forever cause me to pee my pants? It kind of makes me sad to feel that limitation in my body and to know that I used to enjoy NOT being limited like that. Of course, it could get better too - I don't know. And of COURSE having Naomi was worth it, but it still makes me sad.

Alright, now to read and respond to y'all.

surgery update

Just wanted to let everyone know that my eye surgery on Monday went well; thanks for praying!

I feel like I've been given a superpower. I can see without lenses. To me, that's like being able to fly without an airplane. It's just incredible.

I am going to be a little careful working out this week - I'm not supposed to lift heavy weights (there goes pull-ups!), because the strain can increase the pressure in my eyes while they're healing. But I should be back to normal by next week.

Thanks again for your prayers!


Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Catching up!

I've been without internet for about 5 days, because one of my children cut my internet cord. It was annoying, but in some ways I think it was a blessing. I think my weekend without Gabe went better because I didn't have the option of "checking out" from my family (which is definitely my vice when it comes to the computer.)

As mentioned before, I'm sticking with just karate twice a week for right now. And I think that was the right decision, because I have enough stress and enough to do right now without extra exercise! Thankfully, we are making progress in the kitchen (and I'm no longer worried that the contractor is going to take our money and disappear, thanks be to God). Our sink and dishwasher are installed again, so no more dishes in the bathtub! You have no idea how grateful I am, right now, washing dishes! :)

Amie, I'm still praying for Julie. Your family reunion sounds crazy! As does tent camping and counseling with littles in tow. I look forward to hearing that you survived. :)

Katie P. - that was a fascinating read (about your food and caring for yourself realizations). I've left it open in a tab because I want to read it again and think about it for awhile. Thank you for sharing. Also, I'm so glad to hear your shoulder is behaving itself!

Oh, and Buns of Steel? I've never done it, but I remember my Dad offering to buy it for my mother (eons ago!) and being quite firmly rebuffed. Dad didn't learn very quickly, because a few months later he gave my mother "Women at Large" for her birthday. :) He has never lived that one down!

Jessica, your workouts (as usual) put me to shame. :) I can't wait to hear how your surgery went! Regarding the green smoothies - yes, I've been making them nearly every day. They're also one of the easiest things to do without a kitchen, as long as I clean the blender right away.

HOWEVER: do you all remember how Gabe said that if this (my third) blender broke, that I could get a VitaMix? Well, IT BROKE. The same way the last one did, which makes me think it is a design flaw. Now that I have technical permission, I'm feeling super guilty about actually spending that much money on...a blender. But I'd use it all the time, and it would be so incredibly awesome... ??? Or I could just try another blender. But I've already tried the top two reviewed blenders that aren't super expensive. Thoughts?

More about Jillian

It has been fun to read about everyone's workouts. :) I hope the weather cools down a bit for you all. I forget how so many homes in CA don't have air conditioning!

I have completed the Banish Fat/ Boost Metabolism work out 2 times in the last 3 days. In between, I did the Prevention DVD. (It has been raining or over 100 by heat index the last week or so, so outdoor workouts are not possible) I used to love the Prevention DVD and think it was SO HARD! Now, Prevention has become my easy day workout and I look forward to it.

I LOVE the BFBM workout. Unlike the Shred, I feel like I can just make it through each of the circuits. It is more of a long run, rather than a sprint- consequently, it takes more time to complete.

I have been doing BFBM during Luke's nap time and it has worked out well. Actually, I think that I may need to switch my schedule a bit and try to workout at nap time, instead of first thing in the morning. I am more vulnerable to feeling depressed and wanting to eat too much (since no one is watching) during nap time. When do you all work out? Do you like to work out first thing? How about in the evening? I haven't tried the evening because I am wiped out by then.

Monday, July 19, 2010

free Jillian Michaels podcasts

Since I'm not the only one here who owns the Shred, I thought I'd pass this on: you can listen to Jillian Michaels' old radio show (she used to do a weekend show for KFI here in Los Angeles) here. You might need to scroll up or down to find them - they have all the old Sunday shows on the page. But they're usually pretty interesting - a combination of call-in questions and Jillian just giving information on various fitness topics. I've been enjoying having these on while I work out.  I really like how she handles questions of motivation - I'm always taking her motivation advice and applying it to areas of my life other than fitness!  :)

Anyway, enjoy!


Sunday, July 18, 2010

Personal Training with Jackie

I was able to up my weights on some of the moves in this today, which felt good, and able to keep up with her pace on others that I hadn't been able to keep up on before (she goes super-fast).  Glad to get one last good workout in before the surgery tomorrow!


I'm kind of back and update

Thanks for praying for my cousin Julie...Still in ICU, still no baby visiting and undergoing dialasis as they try and save her kidneys...they are hoping to move her out of ICU in the next few days. THANK YOU ALL SO MUCH FOR PRAYING FOR THIS NEW MOM!

I look forward to reading up on posts but my responses may be brief, just got back from a family reunion in Montana (hot springs) population 150...stayed in a "hotel" the only for over 100 miles with no electricity for three days and spent the reunion buffalo chasing with the kids in the back of a pick up and replacing fence line...makes my life seem pretty relaxed :-) The kids had fun collecting cow bones though! We are off to counsel at high school summer camp for a week tent camping with the kiddos not sure how much time I'll have between now and then...


Saturday, July 17, 2010

to Katie P., mostly

First, a practical suggestion - if you need or want it later - regarding swaddling and heat. When our son was a baby, we were in an unairconditioned, very, very hot house (like, hotter inside than out), and we'd put him to sleep in a hammock Adam hung from the studs. It cuddled 'round him (like a swaddle blanket), but since it was mesh, it let air in on all sides. And I could rock him in it, so he fell asleep.

Since your husband was a tropical MK too, I assume you have a hammock lying around somewhere. :)

Then, regarding LASIK, the reason I feel so confident doing it is that I watched my mom and sister go through it, and it was just wonderful for them. I'm going to the same doctor, and he's done over 20,000 surgeries, and several hundred of them were other eye doctors - so I figure he knows what he's doing. That helps me feel very optimistic about it. I'll be glad to let you know how it goes!

Finally, I realized recently that I was avoiding working on my novel, because I was afraid that if I really worked on it, I'd fall back in the trap (old, old trap for me) of thinking that I'm worth what I do. It was so frustrating to keep finding myself balking at working on it, but when I finally figured out why I was balking, it was so freeing, because I was free both to walk around the trap, and to start writing again, only this time with prayer, asking God to help me do it with a right heart, because it was my work and not my self. It was so strange, though, to find out that the reason I'd been unable to do this good thing was because I had been veering towards doing it for a bad reason. And such a relief that once I saw that I was doing it for the wrong reason, I realized that I could still do the good thing, I just had to do it differently, and with a lot more prayer, holding it open in front of our Father.

So, I just wanted to say, I appreciate so much hearing about what you're learning about your relationship with food and finding freedom by recognizing what's going on. Thank you so much for sharing that.


We have air conditioning again!! Oh man, I almost forgot what it could feel like to actually enjoy being in my house! The repairman came today (so glad I suggested Daniel try calling another place after the first place said they could come in SEVEN DAYS - yuck!). So that has really lifted my spirits. Yesterday was my first day back with Daniel home and not working (he works 4 10's, so he gets Fridays off), and I realized how nice it is when he's around to help with Naomi. We spent the day at Barnes & Noble, though, because the house was so miserable. We still swaddle her for naps and it just felt like child abuse to do it in that heat, but thankfully she can nap fairly well in a carrier so walking around B&N was a much cooler nap option.

My shoulder has continued to have zero problems, and I'm so glad. The knots are pretty much gone by now, so I'm still going gentle with upper body stuff. Friday I did Shred Wkt 2 in the morning, and this time I did the arm work, but no weights (except for bicep curls which never bothered the shoulder). I really felt it in my abs/core this time! This morning I jogged with Naomi, and added a half mile to my usual two, which was exciting. I realized on Thursday that I was enjoying it so much more because I was going slower (to take care of my shoulder). My other runs I've been pleased with my speed, but it's not very enjoyable. I want to do better at including both kinds of runs. This morning I tried starting slow and not worrying about speed, but once I warmed up I was feeling good enough to go faster, so I did for the last 2 miles. Then I walked another half mile home. I did crunches (2x30 normal, and 2x30 obliques), and did two sets of girl push-ups - 10 and then 15. That felt fine, which was encouraging, injury-wise.

Another thing that has been really positive for me this week is related to eating. One of my biggest struggles with eating is eating to soothe myself when something goes wrong. A long time ago I heard the idea of consciously doing something other than eating when stressed (like take a bath, read a book, etc), which of course makes a lot of sense, but has always made me angry and I've never been able to do it (?). I think I discovered this week why I get mad. In high school I lost a significant amount of weight, and felt great about my appearance but was lonely and unhappy in general in my life (partly connected to the amount of effort that I was putting into maintaining my weight loss). Ever since then, I've tended to roller-coaster up and down with my weight. There have been a handful of seasons in my life when I have been really free from this roller coaster - not focusing on losing weight but happy with my body, eating to nourish myself and not overindulging a lot. But I've never been able to stay there.

This week I realized that the idea of soothing myself in some way besides eating makes me angry because part of me is afraid that I will head into that spiral again that I was in in high school - that the perfectionist side of me will take over and take me all the way back to that lonely, unhappy place. So I eat in order to "prove" to my perfectionist side that I don't have to do that. Wow! I didn't realize I was doing that, but since I realized that, I've felt a new degree of freedom inside. Kind of like when you consciously recognize something that used to be unconscious, it doesn't have as much power over you. Eating when I'm not hungry does not help me, and although I do want to hold onto that desire to not be that "perfect", lonely person again, now that I am 31 and not 16, I have other ways to do that besides overeating. This week I tried lying down or massaging my back, or drinking ice water, or watching 10 minutes from a movie I like, to relax me. It has been really great!

Oh my gosh. I just realized that I am twice as old as I was when I was 16.

Anyway, I am holding it gently, but I feel excited about this new realization and freedom, and I feel very encouraged about how nice it was this week to actually do things that cared for me when I was stressed rather than eating.
It was great to see so many posts when I hopped on tonight! :)

Kelly - I'm always shocked at what a difference altitude makes. It never fails to make me feel totally out of shape! I'm sorry that it's such a struggle being in others' homes with their food around, and that you have no control over your diet. I can imagine that would be super tough. I am praying for you right now. And what you said about your kids wanting to be comforted because they miss Jesse, but YOU wanting to be comforted... oh that is one of the toughest things about parenting in my mind! I can't think of one vocation that requires you to be more selfless than parenting does.

Katie - Yay! That is encouraging to hear what a great week you had! I'm especially glad eating has been going well for you. I know what you mean about listening more to the need for fuel rather than ___ (comfort or indulgence or what-have-you). I love what you said about feeling like an athlete again. Cool. :) I also liked your suggestion about half-reading, half-playing when you are exhausted - I've done something sorta like that, just lying down (sometimes closing my eyes) and half-playing on the floor with Naomi when I'm tired. Not sure if that will work anymore though, now that she is starting to crawl (!).

Christa - I'm glad you're back :) I don't blame you for not working out in an un-air-conditioned house. That's great that you are feeling yourself improving! That is so encouraging. The only other workout video I've ever done (and liked) is Buns of Steel, which I like a lot but I don't even know if it's on disc - I ripped it off a VHS!

Jess - Wow - Lasik! It would be amazing to not need lenses anymore. My eyes are legally blind like yours, and it's hard to imagine them working right on their own again. I hope it goes great! I would enjoy hearing how the healing and "after" process goes for you - like if there are any problems, etc. I've long been hesitant about doing it myself because I must have heard a bunch of semi-negative tales about it in a row (that convinced me it wasn't worth it), but since then I've heard more and more positive reports - I'd love to hear what it's like for you. I have a feeling there are a lot more positive outcomes than negative, but I think I need to hear more stories to convince the non-rational part of me or something. (does that make sense?)

Week 6 Summary for Jess

Sunday: nothing

Monday: pull-ups

Tuesday: Personal Training with Jackie

Wednesday: Dance Off the Inches: Hip-Hop Party

Thursday: No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

Friday:  nothing

Saturday: Dance Off the Inches: Fat-Burning Belly Dance

Four workouts this week, which might be my best since we started this blog (oy! sad!), and I worked on pull-ups twice, which makes me happy, because that was my goal for the week.

Next week will be interesting because on Monday, Lord willing, I'm having Lasik surgery. Theoretically, I'll be able to be working out by Wednesday (or even Tuesday), but I honestly don't know how it's going to go. I am totally excited about seeing the world without lenses though. When my sister had this done, she said, "You might think this is funny, but it feels like a miracle. God healed my eyes, and He used this doctor to do it." I have really bad eyesight (I think I'm about 20/600 in one eye, and 20/500 in the other), so the fact that I'm going to get to actually see with my bare eyes does seem miraculous to me.

If you would, please pray that the surgery goes well. Thanks you!


Dance Off the Inches: Fat-Burning Belly Dance

Lovely! I really like all the bouncy Bollywood stuff in this one. Once again, it's close to the triple digits out here and I was just pouring buckets doing this. 'Course, sweating a lot makes you feel like you're working really hard, whether you actually are or not. :)


Katie J - I'm slowly doing reviews of my favorite workout DVDs on my blog, but I've only got two up so far, so here's a list of the ones I have and use:

-30 Day Shred - I think everyone knows about this one at this point

-Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism - another Jillian Michaels one; imagine taking just the cardio parts of Shred and making them into a 40 minute workout. Basically, this is hard cardio for 40 minutes - lots of jumping, plank-based moves and kickboxing.

-No More Trouble Zones - this, on the other hand, is like taking just the strength parts of Shred, and making them into a forty-minute workout. Lots of weights and also some old-school matwork.

-Personal Training with Jackie: Power Circuit Training. - This is just strength stuff, and it's more systematic than Michaels' No More Trouble Zones. I love this one. She starts with hamstrings, and proceeds through quads, glutes, chest, back, biceps, triceps, upper abs, lower abs and obliques. It just destroys your body piece by piece. It moves very quickly too, which I really like, but others might not.

Dance Off the Inches: Hip-Hop Party (Jennifer Gilardi). - This is the one I did this week. Fun, lots of cardio, kind of goofy.

Dancing with the Stars: Dance Off the Pounds. - I'm just starting this one. It's a sweatfest, and the dancing's actually stuff you might do in public, if you ever got good at it. As I recall (I haven't done it in awhile), one of the three routines took up too much floor space to do in my small living room. But I liked the other two routines (swing and jive) enough that it didn't feel like a waste of time.

Dance With Julianne, Cardio Ballroom - This is another fairly new one to me, but I really like it so far. It has a jive section that's particularly fun.

Dance Off the Inches: Fat-Burning Belly Dance - This isn't real belly dancing, it's kind of belly-dancing-inspired cardio. But it's fun.

Fwiw, I like dance DVDs because they're a good option for me when I've done a hard strength workout the day before and am too sore to lift again. Also, in all honesty, I find the dancer's bodies such great inspiration. It makes me want to be fit just so that I can move my body in such energetic and free ways. (Hee, quoth Larry the Cucumber: "Libre y suavamente!")

Rodney Yee's Power Yoga: Total Body Workout. My favorite yoga DVD, hands-down. Starts easy, gets harder as it goes. It's about an hour long, and, to my mind, the perfect Sunday afternoon de-stressor.

Katie J. - I also wanted to thank you for your observation about candy, and how it makes you feel. That's such a good reminder for me, because I love hard candies (like Runts and jellybeans), but they don't make me feel that great, and it's good to remember that.

Christa - you might like either of Jillian's other videos: the No More Trouble Zones or Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism, if you like the Shred. The second one does have a lot of jumping (is that "bouncy"?), but the first one doesn't. You might also like the yoga one - it does require coordination, I suppose, but it doesn't move terribly quickly, so you have time to get into the different positions. If you want something dead simple that will just get you moving, you might like one of Leslie Sansone's Walking Away the Weight videos.

Kelly, you're amazing. Hang in there. I think you're doing great to get anything more than childcare done when you're on your own with three kids. 

Katie P. - I'm glad to hear that your shoulder is getting better. Glad the tennis ball helps too! What a simple tool for such great results.

Emily - I'm curious - are you still able to do your green smoothies during your kitchen remodel? I know how much you like them (though I still think greens ought to be eaten with bacon).

Amie - is there any news on Julie? Still praying for her and her baby.


one week down

Tomorrow marks the end of week 1 with Jesse gone. Today I got my 3rd workout in (well, actually 4 if I count the hike we did yesterday in the Rockies). I ran just over a mile and then did 20 minutes of Pilates. Not the best workout, but it is REALLY hot here and I was feeling really depressed this morning. However, the workout helped with that.

Thanks, Katie, for the encouragement. That was really helpful. I know I am viewing much of this struggle emotionally and not logically, and that was a good reminder to keep things in their proper perspective.

Tomorrow I pick up my mom from Denver airport and we drive up to Wyoming to play in the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone for a week. I'm not sure how many workouts I'll get in, but we will be taking short hikes everyday (except for the driving day), so I will at least be active. I also will have more control over my food next week, so I am looking forward to that.

I'm Back

I'm back after vacation. I intended to workout on vacation and even got in one workout, but when it hit 94 outside doing the Shred in an unairconditioned house inside . . . . well, it didn't happen. We've been back a week now, and I just finished my second Shred 1 of the week. My continued improvement is encouraging. There is still plenty to challenge me on Level 1. Any suggestions for a DVD with which to alternate Shred 1, keeping in mind that bouncy things like running and exercises requiring coordination are out?


Friday, July 16, 2010

No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

What the title says. And boy, working out in this heat is just a punishment. Ick. I think I drank almost 32 oz. of water in the course of the workout, just to try to stay hydrated.


Week in Review

This was a good week for me. The exercising went well and the eating also went well. I can't remember having a better week with food in some time. I think that the reason (party at least), is that I am listening to my body say that it needs real food to fuel itself, not junk. This is something I experienced when I was running cross country too. I am beginning to feel like an athlete again.

Water helps me run, soda does not. Candy does not make me feel full and energetic and eating too much hurts performance.

Monday: Shred level 3- I actually almost threw up this time. That has never happened before. I am going to go easier next time.

Tuesday: Shred level 1

Wednesday: Walk with Luke

Thursday: Nothing- but we were out most of the day and pretty active though- and I cleaned the bathroom.

Friday: Walk with Luke 40 min, Shred Level 2 (two in one feels great!)

Kelly- I was thinking about your worries with gaining weight and falling back 5 months. I have thoughts like those often- sometimes they become self-fulfilling prophesies. But I hope this helps- Even if you gained the 5 pounds, you wouldn't really be going back 5 months. You have changed more than just the 5 lbs. Also, I have been keeping a good book around to help with food temptations. Maybe you can try that? I sit on the floor with Luke and half read/ half play if I am exhausted. You are brave to take on 3 children for so long all by yourself.

Jessica- I think it is great that you are enjoying your new dance DVD. :) It sounds fun! Do you think you could rank your favorite DVD's? I am looking for something new.

Emily- How are things with the kitchen remodel? It should be nearing the end, right?

Katie P- Great news about your shoulder. Injuries are so frustrating, but it sounds like you handled it very well. I have chronic bursitis in both hip joints because I was not listening to my body, and wish I had been more careful and attentive.

Thursday, July 15, 2010


Ran 4 miles today. It's been awhile. I did a 5 mile run when I first came to CO and between getting sick and the altitude/dryness, hadn't managed to do more than a 2 mile run since. So it was nice today to do a decent run. I was starting to freak out and think that I'd get all out of shape and would have to take weeks to work back into my routine again. But doing the run today reassured me that I'm doing okay.

However, I am starting to get really bloated and am feeling fat (even though I logically know I am doing fine). But I'm feeling discouraged. I know a lot of it is out of my control. About mid-cycle, I always get bloated and I have very little control over my diet now as I am a guest at someone's house, and so I am just not going to feel as healthy. But it is just starting to get me down and not having Jesse around certainly isn't helping. It has taken me since February to lose 8 pounds, and I fear that I am going to gain 5 pounds on this trip and will be back where I began 5 months ago. I know that I am probably overreacting, but I just wish I had control over something in my life right now and I just don't. My kids are really missing Jesse now too, and I am struggling to be brave and strong for them so that they can be comforted. But I want to be comforted too!!!! Ah, well. Just 2 1/2 weeks left. Just....

Please pray for me now, as it is very tempting to turn to unhealthy food for comfort (and energy bursts) at this time. That and it is everywhere to tempt me. Chips, brownies, etc. It is hard to continually practice discipline when the temptation is right there.

Good News

The strain in my shoulder/arm is gone today! The knots are still there in my back, though, and I'm pretty sure now that they were probably there before, and that I strained my shoulder when I did push-ups with the knots, not realizing they were there (compensating for the knotted muscles by overusing something in my shoulder). I am so glad! I was really worried yesterday, as I have injured my shoulder before and it was A PAIN to recover from.

So today I did a jog but not abs or arms. (I wanted to do the abs but never got to it.) I'm not sure what I'll do tomorrow yet. I'm still leery of doing Shred, and I'm not exactly sure when/how to ease back into that. I think I'll wait until the knots are gone, and then wait a couple more days to make sure. Maybe tomorrow I'll do Shred sans arms again. Or another jog or walk perhaps.

The other part of my commitment to my body today was to lie down and use the tennis ball on my back whenever Naomi napped. I have done that to the great relief of my back, along with keeping up with my ibuprofen (first time I've used that in over a year! I knew you shouldn't use it while pregnant and for some reason translated that to nursing as well... =p) The tennis ball has helped so much. It can really dig into the knots, and doing it every few hours has seemed good.

In other news it has been HOT. It's honestly not so bad compared to what other parts of the country get in summers (Texas!!), but we live upstairs and our air conditioning isn't working very well (we just realized), so it gets stuffy and yucky. Now we have to try and figure out what needs fixing. It really makes me appreciate that this kind of weather is only starting now, in mid-July, rather than in April like it usually does! Today Naomi and I met friends at the La Mirada water park, and took a cool bath together just now. That helped a lot.

Amie - how is Julie doing? I've prayed for her as she's come to mind throughout the day. I hope she's ok.

Emily - thanks for the caution. After watching Steph go through all her shoulder drama several years ago, I have more respect for the shoulder joint.

Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Shoulder injury

Oh Katie, be CAREFUL with that shoulder. It sounds really similar to when I injured mine (karate, complicated by childcare). If it doesn't go away really soon, it would be a good idea to see a physical therapist. I "worked through" mine for awhile before doing that, and was told that they could have helped me a lot more had I gone to them right away. I was also told to stop carrying my youngest child. :( As it is, I still have to be super careful with it, which is sad because it didn't have to be that way.

Dance Off the Inches: Hip-Hop Party

Today I did Dance Off the Inches: Hip-Hop Party (Jennifer Gilardi).  Whew! It's goofy, but such a good workout!


Listening to Injury

This morning I did Shred Wkt 2 (day 2), sans arms. Or at least mostly sans arms. My shoulder continued to bother me all day yesterday, shooting pain down to my wrist, and by evening it hurt to pick up Naomi and do things around the house, which was semi frightening, since those 2 things pretty much make up my life right now. My shoulder felt strained. So I took some Tylenol before bed, used a heating pad and tried to stretch the muscles around it. This morning when I woke up, it still hurt, and I realized it was connected to a yucky knot in the middle of my back. I'm not sure which came first, the strain or the knot, but I tried laying on a tennis ball some, which helped a bit.

I thought about not working out, and gauged where my heart was at. I felt discouraged and powerless, and I could tell that the injury was leading me toward sluggishness and giving up (rather than driving too hard despite injury, which was the other thing I was listening for), so I decided to work out but totally modify to avoid any pain to my arm. There was still a lot I could do with my legs and abs, and simple bicep curls seemed fine.

I was able to do jumping jacks and high knees for some of the cardio that I couldn't do, and sometimes for the plank stuff I just did lunges with bicep curls, but found that I was able to do most of the workout. And at least I did something. My shoulder feels only so-so now (evening), so I'm going to keep resting it and see how it goes.

Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Amie, I am praying for Julie, and for her baby. It is good to hear that being a singleton is making a difference for her little one! I'm praying Julie will be getting to see her baby by this weekend; that they will both be well enough and she can go and kiss her little one.


Personal Training with Jackie

I got to finish it this time!

And yesterday I worked on pull-ups.


hello again

Hi Ladies! It has been crazy for us this last week but my SIL's wedding is now over and Jesse is now in St Louis and I am in CO for another week with my mother and father in-law before heading up to the Grand Tetons and Yellowstone with my mom.

I exercised the last two weeks about 3-4 times a week. The first week because of my back and then driving 20 hours and last week because of sickness and busyness. I honestly think it is SO MUCH HARDER to exercise 3-4 times a week than to do it every day. I think when you exercise every day, your body stays 'greased' and it is so much easier to get into the rhythm of a workout. However, the dryness combined with the altitude and heat is also making things harder. I've had to limit my workouts to about 20-30 minutes because I have been getting extremely dehydrated during them.

However, given the traveling this month (I won't get home till the end of the month), my exercise goals are simply to maintain my weight as much as possible and a semblance of a routine. I am already struggling with bloating from all the different foods we're eating (we're normally vegetarian) and my body doesn't feel great. However, the exercise at least minimizes the discomfort a bit. I am heading to Jesse's uncle's house tomorrow, and he has a humidifier in his house and a treadmill, so maybe I'll get better workouts the next few days.

Amie--I'm so sorry about your friend. My good friend Jen had HELLP syndrome with the birth of my goddaughter. It was very scary. I'll definitely pray!!!

Katie--Sorry about your struggle with motivation. Having gone through this struggle not too long ago, keep pushing through and you'll be so glad you did!!! And, in regards to results, I find that around month 3 is when they really start to show. It is hard to wait that long but at least it will eventually happen!!!


oh my gosh Amie! I just caught up on Julie's situation and it makes my heart ache. i am so sorry and am praying now - please keep us posted! wow.

Your bike looks great - I'd love to be able to bike around town again, though I'm not sure if I'd be able to do local errands with a baby on board due to the kind of roads/bike lanes we have in our area. Right now walks work for lots of errands (which is great!), but I do miss biking to further spots. So much faster! :)

Emily - I'm so sorry you had such a rotten day Thursday. Like Jess, I can't imagine doing what you are doing right now with the remodel going on, and definitely understand your need to take a break (though I too will miss you on here!) Your bag is lovely!

Kelly, Christa, Yolanda - I miss you guys! Hope you're all doing well even if you're not exercising or not posting or whatever. No pressure, just wanted you to know I'm thinking of you.

One other thought - a response to myself I guess. :) I just remembered something I did when training for a Half Ironman before - I made up little maps on Google maps and would track my mileage over the course of several months from point A to point B, pretending I was on a trek (even though I was really just running/biking/swimming the same routes around my house). So I biked across the US, ran most of the way up the CA coast and swam partway around the island of Sulawesi. It would take me a lot longer to do anything now that I'm only running 6 miles a week, but it might be fun to pick a shorter route online and track it.


Just got done with the shower after a 2-miler and the sit-ups and push-ups. I am still hanging with being able to do 2x20 push-ups and 4x25 sit-ups. Right shoulder felt a bit strained or something today in final set of push-ups (?). Will keep an eye on it.

Monday - Shred Wkt 2 (first day); walked 1 mile w/ baby on back and groceries on return

Sunday - 2-mi run, no stroller. 2x20 p's, 4x25 s's

Saturday - rest, after a night of little sleep

Friday - Shred Wkt 1 (switched w/ Sat's wkt for time reasons)

Thursday - Shred Wkt 1

This weekend Daniel was out of state shooting a wedding. I've always struggled when he's gone overnight, even before we had a baby (it triggers some of my issues), but this was the first time he was away since Naomi was born. Since I've had some emotional meltdowns since she was born, I was pretty nervous about being a single parent for 3 days (even though things have been pretty good for the last month and a half or so). So I went and stayed with my family in San Diego, and even though there were some stresses this caused in itself, I am really glad I did it, just as a safety net for his first time away. I got horrible sleep (he's usually on night duty for pacifier, since I have trouble getting back to sleep), but we made it through and I am so glad he was able to go do what he loves for a few days. (Plus these last 2 nights of sleep have been GREAT!)

On a different subject, I am struggling with motivation. I know I said before that my current motivation is not to lose weight but just to get and stay fit and to try different forms of exercise. Well, that motivation's power is waning. Like it or not, I'm finding that now that I'm about 6 weeks into regular exercise, I honestly feel disappointed at not seeing greater results (I saw and felt some early on in June, but nothing more since then). I'm not all that frustrated with how my body looks or my weight, in and of itself, but I guess I feel like, "If I'm going to be putting in this effort that I'm putting in each day to work out, I deserve to see some change!" If I weren't working out, I think I would not feel discouraged about my body because I wouldn't be expecting to see change. Yolanda, I guess that is sort of what you posted about a couple weeks ago.

I know that I am not trying to modify my diet at all - just eat healthily, try to generally eat when hungry and stop when full, and deal with emotional eating when it crops up. In the past diet is usually what I need to modify if I am going to lose weight - I can exercise and stay at the same weight for forever. I didn't have post-baby weight to lose, I'm just where I started... but that is about 10 pounds more than the weight I like to be at, even if this weight is healthy for me. I do enjoy getting out and being active - the runs are nice, in a way - but it's very DEmotivating to me to still look (in my opinion) like I did 6 weeks ago. So it's like the motivation of just feeling good is shaky under the weight of my discouragement. Also, I'm not sure I want to tinker with my diet, because of the things I've mentioned before - I can get on a weight loss roller coaster but have trouble maintaining and would like to just maintain now, only I'm struggling with being content at this weight.

I'm wondering if I need to just keep doing it but focus elsewhere on other things in my life that bring me joy. I'm not one to really give up on exercise (I can keep eking it out), it's just not necessarily fun or motivating.

Monday, July 12, 2010

Update on prayer request and exercise excitement

Prayer Update: Julie is still in intensive care, her liver and kidneys are getting worse and as a result her blood pressure is rising. (this is all consequences of hellp) Things were "suppose" to get better not worse after delivery please pray for protection over hemorrage, and other organ failures (heart and lungs are at high risk right now) They still will not let her see the baby and she is heavily sedated, please pray that things turn around she is still very critical thanks for praying Emily! Baby Breanna is doing great, 4lbs and just gaining and growing (such a difference a singleton makes Jess it really is amazing to think our girls were that early and had so many other "things to do")!

In other news my car is officially parked for the summer (or at least for any errands in a 10 mile radius...) Yeah for practical exercise!

Sunday, July 11, 2010

Urgent prayer

Prayer warriors please join me in praying! My cousin Julie just delivered their second (a girl) via emergency c section at 32 weeks due to HELLP syndrome. The baby is doing well but Julie is in critical condition. Please join me in praying for her and her new little baby. The doctors are saying that these next 24 hours are critical for Julie.


Saturday, July 10, 2010

Week 5 Summary for Jess + comments

Sun: Power Yoga: Total Body Workout

Tues: 4/7 circuits of No More Trouble Zones

Thurs: 6/7 circuits of Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

I only worked out three times this week, but they were all of them long and hard workouts, and I feel good about it. I am noticing that I've stopped working on my pull-ups and my goal for next week is to start that up again!

Katie, thanks for the bag compliment, but Emily was the one who made it. I saw it in person though - it's even prettier than the picture tells!

And Emily, I think you're right to drop something given all the other stresses. I bet karate will keep you energized (and if it's not, you can always pull back there for a bit too), and I can't imagine living with no kitchen for so long! You're keeping everyone fed and sane, and that's no small accomplishment with such an important part of your house unusable!  I'll miss you here though. 

About measuring fitness comparatively, well, I remember what I was doing in college. I walked and played rugby and roller-skated sometimes - but I didn't do anything regular (till the last semester, when I took 3 P. E. classes at once - archery, weight-lifting and gymnastics, so fun!), and I know that I couldn't lift as much or go as long and hard as I can now. I bet I'd be better at rugby now, if I got the chance to play again! Then again, maybe I wouldn't, because I'd be more careful now - less willing to throw myself at the ground to make the point, you know? :) I know pain hurts now, in a way I really didn't in college. Anyway, with being in shape, I think it's having a routine now that makes the difference between now and then. Plus, I weigh a bit less now than I did the last couple of years of college. Not much, but enough that I can tell, and knowing I weigh less but am stronger lets me know it's because I'm in better shape. <--Hope that sentence makes sense; I'm not sure. :)

Amie, how was the chicken? :)

Katie, the running + push-ups sounds great! I think those last few reps that are so hard to do, where you're just shaking (literally) as you make it up, do make a huge difference. 

It's also interesting to read your account of watching others do old age and seeing some things you want to copy and some you don't. I'm going to have to keep my eyes open and watch too.

Grandpa in town

It has been a BUSY week, so I haven't posted. We have had grandpa in town, so life has been a little out of the ordinary- and a lot busier. Also, we have had rain, rain, rain (no outside walks) until it let up yesterday!

Wednesday: Shred Level 1

Thursday: Shred Level 2 (really love the results I get from this still)

Friday: Prevention DVD and swimming outside in the afternoon

Saturday: nothing so far... I am so tired from all of our activities!

Emily- Sorry to hear about the struggles with the renovation and cranky kids. I agree that maybe you should wait until its over to think about the exercise program. More stress doesn't = better health. Hang in there!

Jessica- I love the bag. It inspired me to get creative and get organized. So, yesterday I organized my laundry room so that I could actually FIND all my craft stuff. I am now looking for a good spot to put my sewing machine up.

Thursday, July 8, 2010

taking a break

Life reduced me to tears today - the unfinished kitchen, a broken sewing machine, misbehaving children, too much to do in too little time. I'm taking a break from exercise (other than karate) for a little while. Something has to give right now.

Banish Fat, Boost Metabolism

I got through 6/7 circuits of this today (had to help a child in the middle, so ran out of time before the end). 


Wednesday, July 7, 2010

No exercise for me today...

but look what I did instead! :)

Today was one of those wonderful days where I felt like I did it really, really well. I didn't exercise, but I did sew, read with the boys, get the entire house really picked up (that is hard to do in the current state of construction!) work in the garden, fold and put away ALL the laundry, make good meals for my family, grocery shop, and wash and freeze five pounds of strawberries.

And at the end of the day, I was considering it all and decided that I don't feel one bit bad about not exercising. It didn't fit, and that is ok. :)


Amie - brave! The first time I visited a cattle farm (I was married), I realized why it might be worth it to consider vegetarianism.

Emily - Yes, I know what you mean about a sense of grounded center in your body. I feel that from yoga, and love it. I'm glad I'm not the only one who hates cleaning the bathroom. It doesn't help that our tub drain is so slow that a 7-minute shower takes over 15 minutes to drain. ($%^*!#@) Needless to say, it leaves pretty nasty residue. I'm also glad I'm not the only one who likes Shred 1! :) Is Warrior 2 the one with your arms stretched out and up? If so, I do find that killer!

As for the remodel delay, I for one would probably wait until the remodel was over. Yes I can get derailed, but it helps if I have a solid base that I"m starting from. If my start keeps getting derailed, then I don't feel like I have a "routine" that I am trying to persevere in... I just feel like chaos is my routine (or NOT doing it).

AND, I did jump in the shower after blogging, and my day has gone much better ever since. :)

Now I'm Going to Shower...

Blech - I do not like it when I don't go shower right after working out. Now it's been 20 minutes that I've spent sitting here reading blogs and I am still not clean. What is it about that little decision? It is so important! Ok, after this it's on.

Running was great today. I always forget that while I'm running it's not as pleasant, but I think that is also because I am going slightly faster than I used to, and I am pushing a stroller. But I feel great when I'm done and doing something unpleasant for only 4 half-mile straightaways is actually over pretty quickly so I don't have to have that much fortitude. Whenever I'm not running (and am feeling good from said running), I think to myself, "I should increase my mileage!" Whenever I am actually running, I think to myself, "I am so glad I am only going 2 miles today!"

Coming home means the workout is still far from over, because I have to get the stroller folded and in the trunk of the car with one hand (baby in the other hand - bonus points today since a wriggly, spitting up baby is more difficult to manage than a sleeping baby) AND push-ups and sit-ups. Focused on keeping my core solid today during sit-ups (neck straight thru abs), and they were harder. Also, I was surprised today that I was able to eke out all 20 push-ups in a row for both sets. I did have more of a break after running than I did over the weekend (because of putting stroller away, walking upstairs and texting someone a few times). Maybe that helped. But I am also convinced that those last few shaky, super-slow reps actually do something to build strength. Huh.

Also walked a mile yesterday with Naomi in back carrier, doing errands. I love having her on my back rather than my front, and she loves it too because she can see more, so it's a win-win. Daniel worked a long day, so I had a 12-hour mommy shift and was feeling pretty wiped by the end of the day. Add in miscommunication between the two of us, and the fact that this upcoming weekend will be his first weekend out of town since Naomi was born (which makes me sad - missing him - and nervous - single parenting scares me), and I nibbled dried fruit and almonds until bedtime when I was not hungry. Bummer. But on the other hand, before that all day yesterday was good for me, eating-wise. Not perfect, but good and healthy overall (meaning how I ate, not what I ate - what I eat is generally pretty healthy). I was hungry for dinner and actually made a yummy one, and that was neat.

I still feel anxiety about this weekend. I guess the good thing is that it does keep me more connected to God, since I feel more needy. But feeling needy sure isn't fun.