Saturday, March 5, 2011

On the mend a bit

So, I think I just needed a 'blah' week.  I had an encouraging midwife appt this last week.  Encouraging in that she said, "Yes, that is normal!"  Basically, this pregnancy has felt like the 3rd trimester in many ways for a while.  The feeling of carrying a bowling ball resting between your legs and fairly intense and regular Braxton Hicks have been a regular part of my life.  I just feel so much more uncomfortable with this one than the others and it is just my multiple pregnancies finally taking effect.

I did a light weight, pilates workout on Monday and ran 2 miles on Tuesday.  The rest of the week was shot because of preparing to travel and then traveling down to So. Cal for a wedding.  However, I feel encouraged and motivated again, and that is what matters.

Katie, like you, I have to take a break the day after (even if I walk or go to church).  Any activities that involve me being on my feet for a considerable amount of time greatly intensify the above symptoms for me.  But a day of rest helps minimize things again.

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  1. Glad you are feeling better Kelly. Sometimes a break is just the thing. I have been noticing too that some days, it is not my lack of motivation that is the problem, but my body telling me that I really do need to slow down. I usually blame it on a motivational issue, but maybe not?

    Anyways, hope this week is a good one for you! Your last week sounds busy for any mother, pregnant or not! :)