Friday, March 4, 2011

Working and Resting

For the past few weeks, I have had to slow down a little. I am struggling with feeling faint at times (not while exercising, just at times throughout the day). I can do a good workout one day, and then nothing at all the next. When I was pregnant with Luke, I experienced something similar. I apparently have low blood pressure that gets lower when I am pregnant and often causes me to feel weak and faint. So, when I feel like that, I usually nix any great exercise feats for the day.

The other reason that I have been tired is because of all the yard work that has had to be done- pulling weeds, planting, raking (bags and bags!). It is Spring here in Houston!

So here is what the past two weeks looked like as best as I can remember:

M: Prevention DVD + yard work for 1 hour
T: Nothing
W: 1 hour yard work
Th: Nothing
F: Prevention DVD
S: Bike riding 30 mins
S: 2 mile walk alone

M: 2 mile walk pushing Luke
T: Nothing
W: Walked around the Houston Rodeo with Luke for nearly 4 hours (too much)
Th: Nothing!
F: Bike for 30 minutes
S: Plan to bike
S: Plan to bike

1 comment:

  1. I have similar issues with low blood pressure, Katie. Working at one point comes to be pretty fatiguing. I think taking a day off in between is a good idea!