Friday, July 29, 2011


ran 5 times this week.  pretty good considering i've been battling a cold!  panic attacks are greatly diminished already and i am feeling my strength slowly returning.

it's funny...being postpartum again.  i forgot how after i initially give birth, i hang on to whatever weight is leftover for a few months before i start losing weight.  depressing, but true.  trying to deal mentally and emotionally with that.  i have 15 lbs to lose and although it is the least amount i've ever had to deal with postpartum, it has been the hardest.  i think because i was in such good shape before and i miss not just the thinness of my body but the strength.  i miss running long and hard.

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  1. The good thing is that you've done it before, which means you KNOW that you can regain that strength again. It will come, Kelly! I'm impressed that you're running so consistently already.