Saturday, July 9, 2011

yoga, take three hundred seven

Hey, at least I keep trying, right? :)

We're on a new schedule here - Josiah changed his nap and Jonathan will be starting a school schedule in a couple of months - between the two my entire routine got shaken up. Generally I don't like drastic changes to my routine (ok, I always, always, always hate them) but this time there was a silver lining: I found a new place to put yoga.

I'm trying out The No OM Zone, which is a hand-me-down from Jess. She didn't like it, but I do! It certainly isn't high intensity (which probably explains why Jess didn't like it). It IS nicely paced, with just enough instruction to be helpful, and no weird spirituality (hence the name).

I'm aiming for 3-4 times a week, starting AFTER our upcoming vbs week. :)

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