Thursday, June 30, 2011

taking a break already

Things were going great but last night I was feeling weak after my run and then got a bad case of the chills a few hours later.  Mastitis!!!  Now I know why I had a headache off and on the last few days.

Anyhow, needless to say, I am taking a break.  This is my very first ever case (and thankfully, it seems mild).  It is probably the result of trying to do too much too fast.  So, I think when I get better, I'll just do walking as my exercise and some light pilates and ease into cardio more slowly.  Ah, well.

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Exercise Plan

Although I wasn't planning on running yet (still spotting lightly), yesterday, my panic was starting to get out of control and so I went on my first run to battle it.  I jogged a very slow mile, but felt IMMENSELY better afterward.  No bad side effects (as in no extra bleeding).  So I think I can safely start working myself into a routine again.

Here is my plan, we'll see how it works:
M,W, F: One mile walk in the morning with kids.  One mile jog in afternoon by myself!
T, TH: Two mile walk with kiddos (did this on Thurs and it was quite nice.  Tired the kids out in a good way).
Weekends:  Play by here.  Exercise if opportunity allows, but take a break if needed too.

We'll let you know next week how I fare!

Monday, June 13, 2011

Weeks 50 & 51 for Jess

Before I post these, I was wondering: does anyone else want to continue this blog? I'm happy to keep blogging with you all if you're still interested - it's nice to have company - but if not, I can just shift my fitness blogging to my normal blog. Since we're coming up on exactly one year (week 52 next week!), it seemed like a good time to ask.

Here's the last two weeks:

5/29 - Sunday
5/30 - Body Rev Cardio Conditioning DVD (Bob Harper) - 60 min. section
5/31 -
6/1 - No More Trouble Zones DVD
6/3 - 20 minute hike
6/4 - 20 minute hike
6/5 - Sunday
6/6 - Ripped in 30 DVD - Level 1
6/7 - Ripped in 30 DVD - Level 2
6/10 - 60 minute walk
6/11 - 30 minute walk