Friday, March 16, 2012

doing great

I've been challening myself this last month and this week has born the fruit of my perseverance:

Sat--4 mile run
M--20 min pilates, 2 mile run
T--4 mile run
W--30 min pilates
Th--4 mile run
F--20 min pilates

This is basically my pre-pregnancy exercise routine which I thrived on.  I'm definitely a lot weaker than I was then (a 4 mile run is very slow for me right now.  Takes me about 50 minutes).  But, I feel much better emotionally and my energy levels are much more stable.  I really do think doing Pilates regularly is the key for me.  It is also nice now because Jesse works from home more and so it is easy to exercise during the baby's nap.  I enjoy running much more when I don't have to push a stroller.


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  1. Kelly, that's great! I'm glad to hear you're doing so well.