Friday, May 18, 2012

Emily's week 35

Saturday - nothing (client appointment)
Sunday - nothing
Monday - nothing
Tuesday - nothing (Gabe out with friends from work)
Wednesday - nothing
Thursday - AWESOME vinyasa/hatha yoga class!
Friday - nothing

I'm SO glad that I made it to yoga on Thursday, because it was amazing! There were only two of us there, and we're the ones who really like being challenged. So Allison created a totally different class than planned, on the fly, and it was incredible! We did a series of real (i.e. hard!) sun salutations, working on details like how to roll over our toes through the movement. We practiced crow, and dancer, and plow and shoulder stands and finished up with a full wheel pose. It was super hard and so much fun and I absolutely loved it. And the best part is that Allison told us afterward that she's been thinking about changing her Tuesday class to be more like what we had just done, because it is really what she prefers to be teaching and she wants to keep the younger crowd that has started to check out the studio. Yay!

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