Saturday, May 11, 2013


Hey, Jessica--Have you had someone look at your running stance?  Focusing on your running form might help with your knee issue.  For example, a lot of women tend to straighten their legs while running and this is much harder on the knee joint.  Also, their are exercises you can do to build muscles around the knee too.  Just a thought!

Re: me--I've been pretty good at exercising 4-5 days a week (usually 5) for the last few months.  I started alternating running days with strength training late Feb and, lo and behold, within a couple weeks I was back to my pre-preg 6 miles!!!  Very happy about that (though I don't do that often because running 6 miles with a jogging stroller is no fun).

However, whether it is the stress/anxiety from this last term plus the new stress of moving, I don't exactly know, but I've been struggling with boredom/discouragement in my workouts.  I think it is just the inconvenience of having a toddler when it comes to exercise, but I feel like no routine quite works right now.  This week I started getting up a bit earlier to try running before the kids go to school, but that means I am just doing 2 miles (I am NOT a morning person).  And then I try to finish up my workout with pilates/light weight lifting during the morning mayhem of breakfast.  Not the most ideal situation.

Hopefully, I can get used to waking up earlier or a good routine might just have to wait until we move.

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  1. No, I haven't had anyone look at my running stance - and I'm not sure I'm invested enough to go do that. And I do a lot of squats and lunges anyway . . . eh. I don't know. I've enjoyed this running thing, but I might just walk till it feels better and then try again. :)

    Hope your routine evens up!