Monday, July 1, 2013

last week

Last week we were on vacation in the mountains, so I did some swimming and walking and rock-scrambling.

Also, I did over an hour of karate with Adam (oh, my quads!).

AND, I did a 52-card workout with my super-fit sister and brother-in-law. The idea is that you assign one exercise to each suite of cards, and then go through the whole deck, doing the number of exercises indicated on the cards (and 11 for jacks, 12 for queens, 13 for kings, and 14 for aces). We did squats for spades, sit-ups for clubs, burpies for hearts, and push-ups for diamonds.

I quickly substituted knee push-ups for diamonds and jumping jacks for hearts (I just did jumping jacks for as long as it took them to do the assigned number of burpies).

But oh-my-goodness, that still makes for one looooooooooooong workout!

And my bad-ass sister did real push-ups and real burpies for the WHOLE THING. :D


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  1. I've heard of people doing the 52 card workout . . . but in a Boot Camp fitness class . . . not by choice! While you may have substituted exercises, I still think you're pretty hard core.