Sunday, February 12, 2012

Good Week

Sunday: walk
Monday: 20 minute bike ride, 1 hr yardwork
Tuesday: Walk with Luke, 30 minute bike ride
Wednesday: 2 mile walk pushing both kids in the double stroller- Luke loved riding with Rebekah. We all had a good time!
Thursday: 3 hrs. yardwork
Friday: bike for 40 minutes
Saturday: 2 mile walk

I planted my spring garden this week and spent some time trying to revitalize our lawn after last summer's record drought. It was a good week.

The kids got sick on Thursday night, so I worked out indoors on Friday and Nathan watched the kids while I went out Saturday morning.

My eating has been atrocious, however. I think I just need to eat more in the beginning of the day. By after dinner time, I am hungry and tend to overdo it. Rebekah complicates things too. She eats more than Luke did and has a higher metabolism. It is hard for me to judge how much I actually need to eat in order to keep up with her.

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