Thursday, June 14, 2012

Getting Ready

Well, Nathan was absolutely swamped with work this week (sorta happens when you have a regular job and a contract job), so we didn't get started yet. Also, I looked over the eating plan and excercise plan more. I see more flexibility in the eating plan and also realized that I will not be able to do all the P90X workouts. My hips will not allow for plyometric training, so I'll just have to modify.

My week went like this:

R- Bob's Pure Strength Beginner Workout, gardening
F- Nothing
S- 2 mile walk
S- 2 mile walk
M- 2 mile walk, short walk with kids
T- Bob's Pure Strength 1st half, gardening
W- Bob's Pure Strength 2nd half
R- Bob's Pure Strength Beginner Workout

So, it has been walking and Bob's workout. Walking has been so lovely- I go after the kids go to bed since it is light until about 9pm here.

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