Sunday, June 3, 2012

Postpartum Recovery and P90X

So, I have been absent awhile, but I have still checked in occasionally to see what everyone is up to. Thanks Jessica and Emily for keeping the blog going. :)

For more than a month, I was feeling very weak because I was stopping the anxiety meds that I took when Rebekah was born. It took longer than I thought to come out of it, but now I am back. I don't regret the meds- I think they really helped to balance me out and be a better mother. I have a great psychiatrist who specializes in post-partum disorders. She is incredible and tried to help me while being sensitive to the fact that I really didn't want to be on any medication if it was possible.

Anyways, I kept walking almost every day through the process and occasionally did Bob's Pure Strength beginner workout and Jillian's Shred levels 1 & 2.

Fast forwarding to today- Nathan was on a work trip and watched an infomercial for P90X. He bought the whole package. I was a little surprised, but glad that he found some sort of workout plan that he wasnted to get started on. We are planning to do the program together, though it will be more modified for me bacuase of nursing. I look forward to the challenge. My sister did the program about a year ago with her husband and she dropped 30lbs while he drooped enough to qualify for the National Guard. It was the only program that actually motivated them to get into shape (so it comes highly recommended).

I am a little skeptical on the nutrition side of the program, but we will continue (as we have been) to try and eat more healthfully and naturally. Also, my goal is to gain strength and endurance rather than to lose weight on the program. I'll keep you all updated on our porgress- it should be exciting :)


  1. Katie, I'm looking forward to hearing about how this goes! What are the nutritional recommendations about which you are skeptical?

    Also, I'm glad to hear that you're coming back to yourself after the anxiety meds. Getting on and off meds can be killer! Good for you for giving yourself the help you needed, even if it wasn't precisely what you wished for. That's hard (I know!) but so important for us as mothers!

  2. Katie, I'll look forward to hearing how it goes, and glad you're doing okay. :)

  3. Emily- mostly the program focuses on high protein, only 1 fruit a day and low carbs. I don't like low carb diets and will not pay for shrimp and other very lean meat- I think it is wasteful.