Friday, September 23, 2011

The Past 5 Weeks

School started about a month ago, which explains why I haven't posted much. Since that time, I've gotten back into a gym exercise routine.

  • Week 1: confused circuit around the gym; ran on treadmill and did machine weights
  • Week 2: started body shaping aerobics class 1x/wk - intense hour of cardio and weight training. Highly recommend it
  • Week 3: body shaping
  • Week 4: body shaping 2x/wk
  • Week 5: same
Was definitely sore the first 2 weeks after starting the class, less so on the 3rd week, so I started using heavier weights. Back to being sore this week.

Don't think I've lost any weight since getting back into an exercise routine, but I'm not worried. I can see that I'm less flabby, and some of my work clothes that didn't fit at all I can squeeze into now - hopefully they'll fit comfortably in a couple of months.

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