Friday, September 16, 2011

She's back?

Maybe? I keep trying, anyway. This time I have a new schedule, and hopefully a better plan to make yoga happen. I'm thinking I'll try posting weekly updates, like Jess and Kelly do, and hopefully that will help keep me on track.

So for the past week:

Thursday: yoga dvd, core
Candlelight Yoga (75 minute class)
Friday: yoga dvd, lower body

The goal is 4-5 days of dvd yoga each week, plus one class as long as I can afford it.


  1. What was the yoga class like? It sounded cool. I hope your new schedule makes it easier for you.

  2. Awesome! btw, you probably know this, but it's really easy to start a post at the beginning of the week and just save it as a draft. That way you can add to it each time you work out and post it at the end of the week.