Monday, November 14, 2011

Good Week

I have been loving Bob Harper's Pure Strength DVD (except for some of the silly "hardcore" camera shots, etc..). There is a beginner 20 min workout and a one hour knock your socks off hard sort of work out. I had been trying to do the hour long workout, but I was seriously sore for an entire week. When I am lifting a baby and wrestling a toddler all week too, it is just not practical for me to be that sore. So, I am contenting myself with the beginner. That combined with walks, my bike, and some good old yard work is giving me plenty of variation to stay motivated.

I can't remember what day was what (still coming out of the sick/baby fog from last month), but my goal was to do Bob 3x, walk at least 5 days, and the bike 2x, with a smattering of yard work. I missed a day on the bike, and didn't as long of walks in as I wanted everyday, but pretty much met the goal.


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