Friday, November 26, 2010

Conjuring up a plan

My nausea is nearly 100% gone.  WHOOPEE!  I feel pretty weak still (not eating for a month and half does that to you, I hear).  So, I am not ready to start exercising just yet.  But I am starting to think of a plan.

I think this next week, my goal will just be to take a short walk each day with the kids and maybe try portions of my workout videos.

The next week, I think I'll start running (if my energy is back).  I'll start with just a mile and add on gradually until I'm running at least 3 miles (however long that takes).

I may be totally measuring wrong, but I could swear my uterus feels like it is already at my belly button (which would mean no more lying on my back for workouts), but I'll get that confirmed on Monday when my midwife comes.

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