Monday, November 29, 2010

the last few workouts

Yesterday I did Julianne's Just Dance! DVD. Much better than the first time. I really, really enjoyed the first and the third routine. I'm still not sold on the middle one, but maybe I'll like it better as I get better at it.

Today I did Jackie Warner's Power Circuit DVD. It's in regular rotation, of course, but today I challenged myself to do heavier weights than I usually do, and it was tough! I think I'll feel it tomorrow. But I'd love to be stronger than I am, and today I finally managed to remind/convince myself that that wasn't going to happen unless I lifted heavier than I usually do. :)

I'm also doing pull-ups again, so all in all, I'm pretty happy about how my workouts are going so far this week. I feel back in the swing of things again, and it's a nice feeling.

How are all the rest of you?


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