Wednesday, November 17, 2010

Walking Again

Everyday this week I have been on a walk with Luke. Truly, that is all I can do. Though i haven't been throwing up (sorry Kelly! I really hope you feel better soon!), I have been feeling sick all day long and need any extra sleep I can get. This time around has been worse for me than when I was pregnant with Luke.

Jessica- Your cold must have taken a lot out of you! I am glad that you are feeling better. Also, your comment to Kelly about twins scares me- we have twins in the family- Nathan is one, my family has a couple of sets too. May God give me the strength for whatever comes.

I still really like reading everyone's updates. It has been motivating me to keep moving at least a little each day.

Question: Did any of you do any good maternity exercise tapes during pregnancy? Most of the ones that I have tried are bland or too easy. For now, I am just going to try to do my morning walk. When i feel better, I plan on adding back the exercise bike and some weights.

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  1. Katie, fwiw, Nathan having them in his family doesn't make you more likely to have them. Having it in your family does though. The genetic component of having fraternal twins comes from the mother inheriting the propensity to drop more than one egg a cycle; your husband's genetics don't have any influence on that. (Yours do though; can't help you there!)

    As for pregnancy DVDs, I didn't really use them during my pregnancies, so I can't help there. But you might try researching normal exercise restrictions for pregnancy (heartrate limits, etc.) and then just applying them when you use your favorite DVDs. Then you could still do workouts you know you like and find challenging, and just modify as necessary.

    That's what I did for karate during my first two pregnancies. I still did it, I just modified.