Thursday, August 11, 2011

Starting Up Post Baby

Well, we had heat advisories almost everyday in Houston, so there has not been much outside activity. Luke hates for me to do exercise videos inside and does not nap any longer, so that has been out too.

Fortunately we got a great deal on some plane tickets and got the chance to come out to CA for two weeks. 65 degrees this morning? In August? Awesome. Today I began walking with purpose again. Luke was in the stroller and baby Rebekah was taking a nap in her favorite place- the baby bjorn. We walked for 1.5-2 miles I think. It was a route I am not too familiar with. I plan on doing that with some of these that I found at Marshalls today for $20. I love them- I think that they are the most comfortable toning shoes around.

I am going to try to exercise as much as I can while in temperate weather and to help my postpartum anxiety troubles. As far as weight goes, I am sorry to say this Kelly, but I am already back to my pre-preg weight- actually 5 lbs less. But then, I was thinking about it and my ore-preg weight was not very low to begin with. Also, I don't have the muscle that I did before the baby either. I think I found a weight that my body is happy with, and so it is easy to get back to it. If I wanted to be thin again like in high school, I would need to drop another 20lbs. I think though that I have given up on size 4. :)

It is fun to see everyone posting again!


  1. No need to apologize! I am perfectly conscious of the fact that my pre-preg weight was a weight gained by running 4-6 miles.

    Glad you're exercising again! I hope it helps with your anxiety!

  2. Katie, it's so good to see you posting again!