Monday, August 15, 2011

Week 8 for Jess

Just have to say: it's lovely to see more activity on here these days! :D

Here's my summary for last week:

8/7- Sunday
8/9 - Ripped in 30 DVD, Level 1. Also, 14 minutes of rollerskating.
8/10 - 24 min. of alternating walking and jogging; 1.8 miles. (with my brother! so fun!)
8/11 - Xtreme Timesaver Training DVD
8/13 - Bob Harper Cardio Conditioning DVD - 60 min. section

And yesterday I went rollerskating for over half an hour. I passed a runner who told me that I was "cheating" and I'm still not sure if he's referring to the fact that I was skating instead of running or that I was using the grassy verge to brake. :D (I suck at breaking, and I've had enough experience with broken bones to be cautious on my skates - much as I love going fast.)


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