Saturday, August 6, 2011

week's recap

S--1 mile jog
M--1 mile plus 10 minutes pilates
T--1 mile plus 50 crunches
W--2 miles
Th--1.5 miles
F--1 mile

I'm feeling pretty good about things.  I've lost a few pounds already.  Still don't fit into many clothes, but I can now zip up a couple of my larger size 8 pants.  My guess is I still have about 10-12 lbs to lose at this point.  But, given that I lost a few pounds just after a couple weeks of running, I'm feeling fairly optimistic. My goal is to be a solid size 8 by Christmas (my size before I started exercising regularly two years ago) and back to my pre-preg 6 by next summer.  I think those are fairly reasonable (if not generous) time frames.

This week, I'm going to try to do Pilates more regularly to build up my abdominal muscles to help my back out.

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