Wednesday, December 1, 2010

we'll see when we'll see

Ha ha!  So I have yet to do that walk.

With my previous pregnancies, once my nausea was done, I was normal again.  With this one, having the vomiting on top, I feel like I'm recovering from a long illness.  So, yes, I am eating again, but I still feel SO weak a lot of the time.  Like, after standing and doing the dishes, I just need to rest.  Or cooking.  Or ANYTHING that involves standing on my feet.  So, I am taking the approach of just letting my body take it's time to recover.

I suppose it is possible I am a little anemic after not eating anything with iron for so long.  I'm getting my blood tested today, and so that will hopefully give an explanation.  If it is anemia, I am not certain how long it will take for my body to get back to normal again.  But, hopefully, within two weeks, I'll be doing some moderate exercise again.


  1. Kelly, I hope you feel better soon. That just reminds me so much of my third pregnancy. Out of curiosity, does your midwife have you go for an ultrasound at any point in your pregnancy?

  2. My ultrasound will be in January. I was measuring normally as of Monday (just showing more though my uterus was right on target). She said twin pregnancies don't usually become obvious until around 20 weeks which is about when my ultrasound will probably be. So we'll see then!

  3. Cool. I'm glad you'll know ahead of time which it is. :) (And it's probably a singleton, I know that, it's just that your posts keep giving me flashbacks!)