Wednesday, February 16, 2011

daily yoga?

Well, that's the theory. :) I have a dvd called Yoga Prayer, by Father Tom Ryan. He's a Catholic priest and a yoga practitioner/teacher, and thus far I really, really like it. You can play it in instructional mode (very helpful for a beginner!) and when you're more comfortable with the poses, switch to the music mode.* Each "yoga prayer" is set to an arrangement of a hymn, and Fr. Ryan has created it such that the poses flow smoothly and they also match the text and spirit of the music. I love that.

The whole dvd is 50 minutes long, which is too much for me to manage before the kids get up (I'm trying to do some bible reading before starting it, too). But I'm finding that if I leave out the section in the middle that hurts my knees, and sometimes cut off the end, it works out pretty well. Yesterday Jonathan got up before I was done and we worked on dancer pose together. :)

If you enjoy yoga, this might be a good dvd to get. As a martial artist (another practice that is often frowned upon by Christians) I appreciate the way Fr. Ryan is working to claim a beautiful and healthful physical practice for the worship of Jesus.

*I do have to note that as much as I enjoy the dvd, there are some serious bugs in the title menu programming.

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