Friday, February 18, 2011

Two Weeks

I can't remember last week too well, but this week was a lot like last week- a combo of my Prevention DVD, walking, biking, and yard work. The yardwork is going to get more intense over the next few weeks as I try to combat the leaves, attempt to help our grass regrow in some areas, and get my garden plan in order. I may just do a patio garden because of baby #2. Are you all planting anything this year? I was thinking tomatoes, herbs and some peppers.

M: Prevention DVD + yard work for 1 hour
T: Prevention DVD
W: Walk with Luke 1 mile
Th: Bike for 30 minutes and walk around the zoo for 2 hours (I took a nap after)
F: Bike for 45 minutes
S: Plan to bike
S: Plan to walk at Luke's nap time

Jessica- I hope that you feel better soon!


  1. good job, Katie. With this workout schedule, I imagine you aren't gaining any weight!

  2. Well, I am eating A LOT too. I think the exercise is making my already hungry self just famished! (Also, my sweet tooth has come back...) Last month was 6.5lbs and I am sure I am on track again this month.

  3. Gardening...wait, you mean that I have to plan it? And plant things if I want them to be growing this summer? Oh gee. :)

    Thanks for the reminder, Katie. And your workout schedule looks super. Good for you!

  4. Wow, your workouts look great!

    I'm planning on planting tulips this week, if that counts. But just in window pots!