Saturday, February 5, 2011


next question is, can we block followers?  'cause that same guy is following this blog.

do we care about keeping this private?


  1. I find it slightly disturbing to be "followed" by a male whom none of us know. It would be great if we could block him. Originally I didn't care about keeping it strictly private, because I think blogs like this one can be helpful for others who are trying to do similar things. It would be nice for it to be public enough that other women could join us if they found us and wanted to.

    Honestly though I don't have a huge preference on private vs. public.

  2. On further investigation, our "follower" appears to be an evangelical fundamentalist, married for 42 years. He also followers approximately 3 million blogs. Maybe we shouldn't worry about him. Or...maybe we should... ;)