Friday, December 3, 2010

Everyday Exercise

Between Luke being sick (again!!) and the nausea, we missed our walk 3 days this week. I did ride the bike for 20 minutes one day and did a little yard work two days. Today I spent an hour cleaning my fridge. We are going on a trip to CA for 3+ weeks so it was a must. All in all, I probably exerted myself physically everyday this week.

One good side effect for me during pregnancy is that my body dictates what I should eat very forcefully. Really, I feel like I have been taken over by an alien of sorts. I want lots of fruits, vegetables, carbs, and yogurt. This baby's favorite seems to be oatmeal made with milk and honey, mountain high yogurt (not nonfat!), homemade soup, and it HATES sweets. I realized how much ice cream, chocolate, and other types of sugar I used to eat. I cannot eat them now or I feel very sick.

Kelly, it definitely sounds like the right thing to take it slower. Honestly, when I read your initial plans for exercise, I thought them awfully ambitious (which it is not always bad to be). But then, you are ambitious about most things you do. :) I have been able to keep food down and a walk with Luke, dishes, and the laundry puts me out for the rest of the day. I am so glad that you are feeling better! I am praying that your body will recover soon!

Jessica, thank you for your continued updates. It really encourages me just to hear about your efforts. The video clips are awfully funny too. :)

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