Tuesday, December 28, 2010

An 'A' for effort?

So on Monday, I finally summoned the courage to attempt exercising.  I'm still dealing with nausea, so I purposefully ate a very small breakfast (one scrambled egg) and exercised immediately afterward, as my nausea is least the 20-30 minutes after eating.

Anyhow, I road the bike at the lowest setting for 20 minutes and barely made it.  When I took a shower 15 minutes later, I was still so zapped that it tired me to wash my hair and I had to quickly sit down at one point because I nearly threw up!

So, I'm just not sure how exercise is going to work this pregnancy....

I'm a bit bummed about it because running was how I controlled my weight gain with Edmund.   But I suppose I have unending nausea to help me with this one?  Ha ha...


  1. Definitely an A for effort. :) Kelly, you're trying, you're doing the best you can. If it doesn't work out right now, at least you know that you can kick those pounds to the ground afterward. You know what works for you and you know that you have the drive to do it. You'll be ok!

  2. Running sounds better...

    Continuing to hope that your tummy feels better!