Saturday, January 29, 2011


I just did level 1 of Jillian's Shred for the first time in I don't remember how long. Probably last summer! And I have to admit that Anita was NOT "carrying me through it"...she was kicking my butt!

Anyway, what I remembered (after about the first three minutes) is how very much I do not like working out. Jess, I am so not you. :) I don't like sweating, I don't like hurting, and I don't like giving up even half an hour of precious time to sweat and hurt.

Two years ago I did this consistently because I was really unhappy with myself and my body. I hadn't yet found an eating pattern that worked, and I wasn't taking an antidepressant either. Now I do feel good about my eating, and the meds have taken away the anxiety that was driving most of my life.

I have this thought that it would be nice to lose 10 lbs, but honestly I no longer find it super compelling. (This is a FANTASTIC place for me to be!)

I also have a thought that it would be a good idea to stay in shape so that I'll be more healthy as I get older (Jess, you've written about that before) and that is more intellectually compelling but tends to lack force in the midst of day to day life.

I don't really have any insights or conclusions right now. I'd love to hear your thoughts, exercise buddies. :)

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  1. I don't know if it's helpful or not, but do your boys like "dance parties" at all? Some days all I want is just to work up a sweat for 15 minutes or so, and I'll do my jumping bean workout, i.e., jumping jacks, jump-rope, skiers, skaters, squat jumps, whatever, all in a row, switching to the next as soon as I'm tired of the one I'm on.

    I do this to fast-paced music, and I discovered, by accident, that my kids think this is awesome and that we're dancing, and they'll come "dance" with me, and a good time is had by all.

    Just suggesting it because, if it worked, you could get a good sweat up without sacrificing precious naptime/quiet time.

    Though, I find for me, that exercising during naptime/quiet time is often worth it, because it makes me feel good/strong/happy/etc. I can have my head be quiet and my body be active, and somehow that combination is really good for me. Exercise often stops me thinking for awhile, and that's a relief. It's like cheater meditation.