Wednesday, January 26, 2011

I exercise...sporadically.

Last night Gabe and I listened to the President's address. And because I had temporarily run out of laundry to fold, and because I tend to despise sitting still and watching a screen for over 30 minutes...I picked up my weights. :)

Thanks to Jillian and all the shred I did (long, long ago...) I actually have some good, basic weight lifting in my head. So I cycled through what I could remember, and I am sore today, so I must have done something right.

In in that frustrating spot right now of feeling that I ought to be exercising (especially to keep my knees from hurting) but just not finding a place for it in my life. It does not work with the kids underfoot, and by the time they're having quiet time the LAST thing that I have energy for is working out. And besides, there is laundry to fold.

I'm sure you all know the struggle. I just haven't found a good solution for this particular life stage.

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  1. Sorry, Emily. I know that if it weren't for Jesse's flexible schedule, I'd certainly be in the same boat as you.