Wednesday, January 19, 2011


So the end of last week, I started realizing that it was sugar causing my nausea to continue.  Just the littlest bit in any form (juice, one cookie, cereal, etc).  I also figured out eating pasta was a problem too.  Anyhow, since stopping eating those foods, my nausea is gone.  It comes back if I cheat, but doesn't bother me if I'm strict with my diet. Yeah!  I feel as much myself as I can be now, considering my body is inhabited by an alien right now.

That means, I am exercising again! Regularly!!!!

Monday: 10 minutes hip Pilates, ran 1 mile
Tuesday: ran 2 miles
Wednesday: 10 minutes hip Pilates, 10 minutes thigh Pilates

I plan on exercising the next two days too.  I am already feeling the benefits of regular exercise again.  I am sleeping better and more energetic throughout the day.  I am so glad to find my nausea turned out to be a simple food problem and can be controlled!

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