Monday, January 31, 2011

Weekly Post

M: Nothing- I did 1 hour on the bike last Sunday and my morning sickness returned (overdid it)
T: Prevention DVD
W: 2 mile walk pushing Luke
Th: Bike for 35 minutes, yard work
F: Bike for 40 minutes
S: Prevention DVD, 1 1/2 mile walk
S: Nothing

It was a good week. I keep thinking that my $100 investment in the exercise bike is one of the best I ever made. Right now, I am mostly reading the Lord of the Rings series while riding. I have actually never read the books before, so I am having a lot of fun! Luke likes to have me ride too- he says, "Stay on bike Mommy, stay on!" in his forceful two-year-old way. :)

Emily- I honestly do NOT like exercising either. But, I love the way it makes me feel and how it helps me control other things in my life (like diet mainly). I have found over time that I like certain things more than others. Maybe the Shred is not the right thing for you? You found a great way to eat after a lot of experimenting. :)

Kelly-It is so good to hear that you are able to get some exercise in these days! We are praying for a healthy baby and mommy everyday.

Jessica- Did you work out much with your pregnancies? Obviously the twins were different, but were there things that you particularly like to stay in shape?

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