Friday, October 22, 2010

Bob Harper: Super Strength, 60 min. section

Okay, second time through, and I think I can give you a better idea of what to expect from this one.

Lots of moves that are done normally, and then intensified. Like doing push-ups, and then holding halfway down in push-up position for . . . awhile.  Or doing bent-over rows, and then lifting to halfway up, and doing the raises from the halfway point to the top over and over (so you have a small range of motion, and a more intense movement). Or doing shoulder raises three different ways, and then, after burning out the muscles that way, just holding the weights up in the fully-extended position for an isometric hold.  Or doing a bunch of lunges, and then, once your quads are feeling it, going into a static squat, so they really burn, and doing a sort of backwards fly to hit your dorsal muscles for good measure.

Someday, someday . . . there's a section where you do a push-up on your weights, then go into a T-position on one side (holding your weight on your feet and one hand, other hand high in the air with the weight, whole body tilted sideways), then back to a push-up, then T-position on the other side, and so forth . . . someday, I want to be able to do that section as fast as they do it, without stopping. I am so far from that right now!

But I'm loving having a DVD that really, really challenges me. At least for me - and I'm aware this isn't everyone's style - having something challenging is what makes it fun for me. Not so challenging that I'm just failing at everything, but challenging enough that I can't do it all and challenging enough that I feel really good about the stuff I can do. I think that's really part of what makes it fun for me.

Good self-knowledge, I think. Now I'm wondering if that applies elsewhere in my life. :)


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