Thursday, October 28, 2010

ugh, sick

I just posted my week 20 summary, because I hadn't done it yet, and I'm realizing that Week 21 is going to look very, very sad.

The thing is, I've caught some horrible respiratory bug, and haven't worked out all week. I miss it so much! It's terrible. But when I'm sitting here all day feeling like I just inhaled a lungful of pool water, and being achy and exhausted even though I've done nothing but sit and nap all day . . . well, I don't think I ought to work out.

Anyway. Here's the weird thing: I've lost three or four pounds this week I've been sick. What's the diagnosis, ladies? Is it because I'm not working out and I've lost muscle mass? Isn't that too much muscle mass to lose in just a week of not working out? That sounds way too fast for me. I'd guess a pound of it is actually from eating less (food doesn't taste good right now - no sense of smell = no sense of taste), but not all of it - I have still been eating. Or maybe since I'm not working out, I don't have any muscle-repairing inflammation? <-- I bet that's part of it. I know the kind of workouts I like cause a bit of (good) damage daily, and I know you retain a bit of water when your body's repairing muscle.

Probably all three, plus getting past the time of the month. It's just weird though. It's not how I'd planned on losing weight, and I really don't know whether to be happy about it or not. It's just not terribly normal. I guess I'll be happy about it if I don't bounce back up the scale as soon as I get well! :D


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