Thursday, October 14, 2010

Midweek, Gardening, Bye Nursing

Monday- 2 mile walk with Luke

Tuesday-3 miles walking, belly portion of BBT Prevention DVD

Wednesday- 45 minutes on the bike: about 10 miles and 350 calories burned.

Thursday- No official exercise, but I worked outside for quite some time. I planted three cuttings in my flower beds, weeded, and cut off a few branches from our gigantic oak tree so that wehn people park in front of our house, the tree doesn't brush their car. Also, I cleaned the shower with vigor!

I went to a MOPS meeting today that was all about gardening. The guest speaker writes for the Houston Chronicle and has been gardening in Houston for over 40 years! I really wanted to beg her to let me be an apprentice. :)

On a bright note too, I have had more than a week solid of good eating days, including my birthday party day where a very yummy cake and delicious ice cream were present. (I ate some, enjoyed it thoruoghly, but didn't gorge myself. Every time I eat something and it doesn't eat me back is a gift and I am trying to always be thankful.

Lastly, I stopped nursing Luke October 5th (my birthday). He just turned two and it was time. I was emotional about it and so was he, but we made it through. Since stopping nursing (which was only 2x a day), I have not felt the great urge to eat like I used to. Maybe my hormones are changing? Maybe it really did take a lot of extra calories to keep producing?

Oh, and Bob Harpers strength DVD arrives any minute by UPS. I am almost Giddy!

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