Thursday, October 28, 2010

quick follow-up to the last post

Just after I posted about being sick, this article showed up as a link in my feed-reader. It's about exercising when getting over a cold. Timely!

Makes me think I might try my (one) Walk-Away-the-Pounds DVD today for a few minutes and see how it goes. It's very low-key, low-impact, and trying it out might be a good way to gently start getting back into my routine. The article says:

Also, according to a CNN medical expert, people with colds should begin working out at 50 percent intensity. If symptoms improve in the first five to ten minutes, you can gradually increase the length and effort up to about 80 percent of your normal workouts. On the other hand, if your symptoms do not improve, you should only engage in mild exercise such as walking. And remember, over-doing it with heavy and intense exercise may actually reduce your immune system function and prevent you from getting better!

So, I might go that route today. We'll see.


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