Monday, October 3, 2011

Week 1

Saturday - 2 mile walk
Sunday - 2 mile walk
Monday - 2 mile walk
Tuesday - 2 mile walk
Wednesday - 20 minutes bike, Bob's "Pure Burn, Super Strength" 20 minute beginner workout
Thursday - 2 mile walk, Bob's "Pure Burn, Super Strength" harder workout (only 30 minutes)
Friday - 2 mile walk
Saturday- sick, but still walked outside out of necessity (3 year olds do not understand when mommy is sick. Energy still must be burned or Luke will drive me insane!)


  1. how do you like the Bob Harper workout?

  2. I like it a lot- there is not much "jumping around." More just weights and toning. My hips are always weak from bursitis and can only handle so much of Jillian.

    I do think that the "hardcore" image that he tries to portray is a little silly/dark for me. Luke gets a little afraid during the intro so I have to tell him that he is just serious or something.

  3. I think he's hilarious in his workouts. I like the silliness - but I can totally see what you mean. Glad you like it!