Monday, September 27, 2010

Bhangra Jam and Self - Slim and Sleek Fast

What? I'm the only one who buys exercise DVDs at the thrift store?

I did Bhangra Jam yesterday. The instructor was very irritating - she kept yipping and didn't cue terribly well - but the dancing was fun. It made my shoulders hurt and I now have even more respect for everyone who makes Bollywood films. (I had respect for them before, but now I respect not just their strength, endurance, grace and enthusiasm, but also their SHOULDERS. Heavens! There's not a moment they're not going up and down. Ouch!)  Also, finished off with about ten minutes of jumping jacks and jumping rope (sans rope, ha).

I did Self - Slim and Sleek Fast today. It was okay. Good for an off day, though there was some stuff there that hurt my already-sore shoulders. The ballet-inspired stuff was fun.  Finished off with some more jumping jacks.


p.s. Yes, I really did buy these at the thrift store. And I have one more I'm going to try tomorrow. Apparently it'll get me my Best Butt EVAR.  I can't wait. ;D

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