Friday, September 17, 2010

an education

Did you know that there's protein in swiss chard? Seriously!  There're ten grams of protein in 3 cups (uncooked) of swiss chard. I never would have guessed that.

I'm learning so much now that I'm tracking my food. I honestly didn't know that vegetables could have that much protein. Mushrooms have a lot too.

Okay. I'm done. I just wanted to share my amazement. 10 grams of protein! In CHARD. Chard, people.


p.s. quick recipe: heat 1 tsp. sesame oil in skillet. Add 3 cups chopped Swiss chard. Sauté till wilted. Add one egg and scramble together w/ chard. Turn off heat and stir in a small can of mushrooms. Add soy sauce to taste. Enjoy! V. yummy, filling and (apparently) filled with protein*. Go figure!

*And not just because of the egg. There's actually more protein in the chard than in the egg. Seriously: so weird. 


  1. Green veggies are surprising like that, aren't they? The more I read about vegetarianism and veganism, the more I understand how they get protein and calcium. :)

  2. Thanks for the tip- it will have to be a lunch item due to the tastes of other family members, but I will certainly eat it!