Friday, September 24, 2010


So, this week has gone pretty well, all things considering for not only has homeschooling craziness gone up a bit but, after months of debating, Jesse and I decided to bite the bullet and, well, we're pregnant!!! It is really early on in the pregnancy (just found out last week), but the fatigue is already hitting me. Given that, I am pretty impressed with my workouts this week!

Mon: 45 minutes pilates/free weights/yoga
Tues: attempted by 4 mile hill run but was too fatigued to do the whole thing and so I ended up walking the last half mile home
Wed: day off
Thurs: 24 minutes free weights and 2 mile run
Fri: 4 mile run in the neighborhood. Did first two miles with Edmund. He ran about a 1/3 of a mile with me and then I pushed him in the stroller. Stopped for stretching and water break. Then dropped him off at home and did another 2 mile loop. This run worked out much better than Tuesdays, obviously. I think having the water breaks was good for my body.

Hopefully, I'll get a short workout in tomorrow, but I am pleased with this week as it is. My goal is to try my hardest to maintain roughly 45 minute workouts, even if it involves walking for some of my runs or not putting as much effort into my pilates/weight workouts. We'll see though! It will probably depend on whether I get a bad dose of nausea this pregnancy.


  1. Kelly! Congratulations! It will be so interesting to follow your workouts during a pregnancy. I never did succeed at sticking with it while pregnant - may you do EVER so much better. :)