Tuesday, September 7, 2010

Week 13 Summary for Jess

As I type that title - 13 weeks! - I feel really grateful for this blog. I've probably said this before, but it was really what I needed in order to get going again after that spring set-back. Just seeing what I'm doing in type really cements my goals in my mind. Thank you to all of you for participating. (Still hoping to hear from some of the rest of you again soon!)

Anyway, Week 12 wasn't stellar, but I think I kept from losing ground:

Sunday: nothing

Monday: No More Trouble Zones + pull-ups

Tues: nothing

Wednesday: Personal Training w/Jackie + pull-ups

Thurs: nothing

Friday: pull-ups + Jumping Bean workout <-- I was sore for three days after this! Well, four: I'm still sore. But I mean, like, sore-to-the-point-of-limping. Oh man. I overdid it. But I want to do it again. It was SUCH a good workout. I might try just one round through though, till my calves get used to it. Ouch, ouch, ouch. The stairs in our condo were a real problem all weekend long.

Sat: nothing


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