Wednesday, September 1, 2010


Good luck with your first week of homeschooling! We're on week 3. I was terrified of starting but now that we are in the routine again, I must say I am really happy. Both with having a routine and with how the schooling is going. First grade is much more fun than kindergarten!

I decided that my slump last week was totally due to my period. Each month, I forget how my cycle can change my attitude towards exercise and my actual physical ability to do it well. I need to remember to make allowances for my body when it is sending signals and not feel bad about that.

However, this week is going good so far. After a crazy weekend of no exercise due to my parents visit (which was SO much fun. If you are ever in SF, you MUST take your kids to the Exploratorium), Monday i had a good 45 minute pilates/free weight/yoga workout. Yesterday I did the 4 mile hill run and followed that up with a good 10 minute yoga stretching.

Today I will do another 45 minutes pilates, etc workout. I have my energy and attitude back...

Now, for the last tangent about why exercise is good. I talked to the pyschologist who told me I needed to exercise as many days a week as possible to combat my panic again a couple weeks ago. Forgot to blog here about it. I was asking him why exercise makes such a difference. Was it the endorphins? He said no and then told me I should read this book called Spark. Basically, exercise changes your brain and causes your body to perform more at its 'ideal'.

I found this fascinating, am going to get the book soon. I like it especially as I personally can attest to not only feeling less panic but having less of a mommy brain since exercising too. I feel younger.

Have any of you experienced those other benefits as well?

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