Friday, August 13, 2010

Change-up and Check Up

Well, we got back from our little vacation on Sunday afternoon. I have been running errands ever since, leaving little time to blog.

This week was different than those in the past have been. I have not been as motivated to workout, so I have been trying to be more generally active. This is partly due to my hips still being sore, and partly due to being tired. Instead of exercise DVD's, I have been cleaning and deep cleaning a lot more, plus working outside.

If I do work out inside, I need extra help, so I turn on a 20-25 min HGTV show (from Hulu) and practice my Jillian strength moves.

Eating has been going well the past few days (after a few ok or not-so-good days). I have realized that partly my good days have come because we are currently in the Dormition fast. I have not been eating dessert and it has made a big difference. Specifically, I have realized that granola bars, cookies, and chocolate are hard for me to eat in moderation. Do you all have any specific trigger foods? Do you stay away from them completely?

Last week, I met a major goal. This week, I had my first physical in a year and a half. My blood pressure was about 100/60 and I had a low resting heart rate. :) My weight was up from last week, but I think it was really a combination of water gain from some salty things I had eaten, and a really old scale.

Saturday: Walk up and down hills with stroller (loved this one)

Sunday: Nothing- drove home with 3 kids for 4 hours (that was enough)

Monday: Shred Level 2

Tuesday: Strength exercises for 20 minutes

Wed: 2 mile Walk with Luke in stroller, Strength exercises for 5 minutes

Thurs: Strength exercises for 5 minutes, 30 min heavy duty workoutdoors

Friday: Strength exercises for 20 minutes, LOTS of deep cleaning

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