Monday, August 2, 2010

I'm back (in more ways then one)

I am home (yeah!) and excited to have no travels planned for the rest of the summer (yeah!)

All exercise goals were too ambitious for our crazy traveling camping schedule since almost all journeys were sans my husband :-)

To start off my first day home I am potty training Rosemary (no more diapers EVER style).

Needless to say my twenty minute workout took almost 2 hours today but it felt great! I am doing Tony Horton's 10 minute workout (following the 2o minutes/day regime). He bothers me in general but his workouts are the best I've ever done so I just "mute" his voice :-). Today I did lower body and abs while listening to Jason Harwell (he plays at High school camp for us each year and is one of my favorite people to just talk to and listen too..
<a href="">Katie Secretly Married At The Age Of 8 by J. Harwell</a>

Julie is home from the hospital with her baby thanks for your prayers it is a true miraculous healing for her as she is dialysis free!

Thanks for challenging me to make healthy lifestyles a priority!

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