Friday, August 27, 2010

This Week and Snack ideas

This week was good as far as workouts were concerned. Eating went well most days, although having birthday cake from Luke's birthday around was not helpful. For my birthday, I think a trip to get frozen yogurt will be a better idea.

Monday: Prevention BBT with weights- adding the weights makes it comparable to the Shred I think.

Tuesday: Biked 1 hr!

Wednesday: biked 35 minutes

Thursday: nothing

Friday: Walked 2 miles with Luke, 2 parts of Prevention DVD, worked outside

I have a question. I am trying to do more made from scratch type of snacks and stay away from processed foods. Do you all have any favorite snacks that are also portable? Eating Well had this nice snack mix which would work if I added some nuts to the mix for protein. I have a go to breakfast and a few go to snacks (string cheese, whole wheat tortilla, trail mix), but I am looking for something different.

Hope everyone is doing well. It is the first week of school for all the kids in our area, so I am assuming some of you have had a busy week!

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