Monday, August 9, 2010


Christa--Denise is a barbie, but I like her workouts. Once you learn the routine, you can just do them with the music only. Anyhow, it is a couple of her videos that I use to work out. It does keep things comedice when you're told in the middle of the 100th crunch to keep that happy smile and pat yourself on the back!!!

So, Friday I had to take off due to a schedule misunderstanding with Jesse. I waited till late afternoon to run and Jesse ended up needing to run errands then. Then friends came over and all was lost. I ran 4.5 miles on Saturday and took yesterday off since we went to a friends house right after church and didn't get back till bedtime.

Today will hold exercise, but I'm not sure yet if I'll run or do pilates.

** Okay. Just got back from a 15 minute 2 mile run after doing a 10 minute pilates ab workout.

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